Lenovo A6000/Plus LineageOS 2018 Edition

Lenovo A6000/Plus custom ROM development in 2018 is pretty much active and thanks to developer Harsh for his continuous contribution towards the device. Lenovo A6000 LineageOS is the successor of CyanogenMod that has been renamed by the developers of the community.

The LineageOS custom ROM is more secured with latest security patch and it comes with minimal features to sustain the performance of the device. Compiled with the sources of Android Nougat 7.1.1 it runs on 64 bit CPU architecture giving the privilege to install 64-bit applications on real runtime without any error. You can even install GApps under ARM64 to boost the performance of your Lenovo A6000 and Plus.

What is Lineage OS?

It is based on the Android Open Source Project that has been developed over years after succeeding over CyanogenMod. It is the aftermarket project that runs on Android 6 and later versions. The community people have been proficient enough to contribute towards the project throughout the time and have made it one of the best modified operating system for Android devices.

The source code for LineageOS can be found on Github repo under LineageOS. You can contribute towards the ongoing project by visiting the Gerrit Code Review.

DISCLAIMER: In no means, we are responsible if you brick your phone or your SD card dies or your phone behaves abnormally. It is your sole and your own responsibility to install the custom ROM on your phone. If you’re unaware of custom ROMs and its bugs then please do not go any further.


  • TWRP must be installed
  • Backup all your data.
  • Battery to be charged above 60%

About the ROM

  • Android Version: 4.4.4
  • Compatible with: Lenovo A6000/Plus
  • ROM type:  CyanogenMod 11
  • ROM Author: Harsh/XDA

Features of the ROM

  • Rooted already
  • Supersu Installed
  • CM11 based soundtrack series
  • Support status bar modify the clock style, battery style
  • Overall smooth Needless to say, for those who prefer smooth oil use
  • Lock screen shortcuts custom widgets support
  • Modify theme styles
  • Change fonts and font size
  • Change Notification, Ringtone, and Alarm
  • Supports DSP sound effect
  • Interactive Screensaver
  • Long press Home key to get recent views
  • Support processor, IO scheduling modification
  • Support for memory management, adjust the background occupancy
  • System tweaks and performance upgrades

How To Install

Step 1: Copy the LineageOS and GApps to the SD card or internal storage

Step 2: Boot into Recovery

Step 3:  Please take an entire backup of your current ROM through the TWRP recovery

Step 4: Wipe cache, Dalvik cache, system, data, internal storage

Step 5: Flash the ROM and then the GApps. If you wish to root then flash Magisk or Supersu

Step 6: Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2 minutes)

We did an Antutu Benchmark test and the results were pretty good. First, we thought it would be normal, but when we got the results, we were happy to see that this custom ROM has helped to boost the device to a lot extent. You can also install Paranoid Android if you wish or Mokee which has more modifications and features that you can customize and set according to your preference.



  • LineageOS Custom ROM – Download from Basketbuild
  • Google Services (Gapps) – Download ARM64

Update 14/04/2018 ChangeLogs:-

  • SELinux enforced (Enjoy 100% privacy & security with Tez and all other banking apps)
  • SafetyNet Green
  • Kernel patched with all latest CVE patches till date for 3.10 kernel (maybe we are first 3.10 kernel to do it)
  • PlayStore Certified already 
  • Latest CAF hals (audio display media)
  • Enabled Dual-channel audio again (Enjoy your music)
  • Disabled WLAN auto shutdown
  • Vendor device-specific hardware code to align with caf policies
  • Hardened kernel crypto rules for better security
  • Oreo Bluetooth blob stack
  • Fixed Headphone glitches and blue-tooth audio playback completely
  • Android Binder backport from Linux 3.18 android kernel
  • April Security Patch

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  1. Arasan Jagannath says

    Does it still have video pink,green and apps to SD card bugs?

  2. Avishek Das says

    Otg not working as well.

  3. Satheesh Chandran says

    Broi, Is there any chance to get one update on this CM11 US ROM? after removing off that two bugs? or with some changes?
    actually i am waiting for that,

    if you can it will be chance to get one big thanks, also helpful.

  4. Kurniawan Eka Nugraha says

    Is there any solution for green pink youtube bug besides lowering the version of youtube? will re-flash the rom work?

    1. techolite says

      Please download and flash this stable rom with no green/pink video – http://www.techolite.com/lenovo-a6000plus-cm11-custom-rom/

  5. Praveen S Nair says

    I am using this ROM for past 1 month… app moving to SD card is the main problem. So fix it as soon as possible and please share the STOCK ROM for A6000 Plus (Not A6000)

    1. Kurniawan Eka Nugraha says
      1. techolite says
  6. Techolaty says

    No, not for A6000 plus. Will get you soon.

  7. techolite says

    Yes, that sounds really exciting. Will try. Thanks.

  8. techolite says

    No, not for A6000 plus. Will get you soon.

    1. Haresh Khatri says

      Thnx man.

  9. Ankith prabhas says

    Installed this CM11 just now on Lenovo a6000 plus just now. But it’s not detecting my Sim card! :/
    Am i the only one with this problem?
    Please help me, or any leads would be appreciable! :)
    Thanks in advance!

    1. Techolite says

      Sorry to hear that, you will have to flash stock rom once and then re-flash this custom rom again.

  10. Haresh Khatri says

    Hi admin do u have stock rom for lenovo a6000 plus? If yes could you upload it please.

    1. Techolite says

      No, not for A6000 plus. Will get you soon.

      1. Haresh Khatri says

        Thnx man.

  11. VJE says

    love this rom.. but it will be more powerf rom if you can transfer apps to sd..

    thanks admin

    1. Techolite says

      Yes, that sounds really exciting. Will try. Thanks.

  12. satish chandra says

    For those who are facing YouTube videos playing in green and pink issue, just try lower version of YouTube i.e 4.5.17 version for work around solution, I tried it works for me.

    1. techolite says

      Exactly, that is what I forgot to mention. Thanks Satish.

  13. aditi says

    how u move Apps to SD? pls give the details.

  14. H3xX says

    cant download from mediafire.. can you upload it to other sites… thank you… waiting :)

    1. Ankith prabhas says

      Installed this CM11 just now on Lenovo a6000 plus just now. But it’s not detecting my Sim card! :/
      Am i the only one with this problem?
      Please help me, or any leads would be appreciable! :)
      Thanks in advance!

      1. techolite says

        Sorry to hear that, you will have to flash stock rom once and then re-flash this custom rom again.

    2. techolite says

      Which file host you want?

      1. H3xX says

        FileHippo Maybe :) thanks

        1. techolite says

          Filehippo is not a public file host. We cannot upload there.

        2. Techolaty says

          Filehippo is not a public file host. We cannot upload there.

    3. techolite says

      Which file host you want?

      1. H3xX says

        FileHippo Maybe :) thanks

  15. pranay says

    Apps to sd card is working for me

    1. aditi says

      how u move Apps to SD? pls give the details.

  16. pranay says

    Accelerometer sensor is not working properly…

  17. ED300 says

    best costume Rom so far

  18. ED300 says

    best costume Rom so far

  19. tej says

    thanx to genius aswm admin try to bring lolipop in it fast ………….no bugs working fine ………….no video errors

  20. tej says

    how much time it takes to flash rom

  21. abogaafar says

    mass storage doen ot work!!!!!

  22. Murli Sahu says

    hello admin, not able to download the rom from mediafire please check.

  23. Sunil Athavale says

    autofocus doesnt work on any camera including lenovo super cam..any remedy?

  24. cho says

    when i play music with earphones connected, and turn on the flash and off it again the music stops playing. again after turning the flash on music resumes playing.

  25. aditi says

    One more bug: speaker output decrease automatically on viber calling/ watsapp calling. Pls fix the issue if possible and also provide fix for moving apps to SD.

    1. aditi says

      Admin, Your replay is awaited for moving apps to SD card.

  26. Samar Anand says

    Works fantastic. 2 major issues though.
    Youtube App- Green and Pink videos.
    Whatsapp- Whatsapp calling doesn’t work well after installing this rom.
    I hope admin will fix this.

    1. Samar Anand says

      Also my phone is getting heated up a lot whenever I insert a sd card. And Media Server (which is a process to scan for media on various storage types) is consuming a lot of battery.

  27. aditi says


    Thanks for this wonderful ROM. It runs superb smooth, battery backup is great. Lenovo ROM really very slow compare to this ROM. Bugs I noticed during 2 days of usage: 1. When you play video either in youtube or offline using VLC, video shows green and pink colors for 1-2 secs than its normal. 2. No option to move apps in SD card. this is major limitation

    Overall 9/10 for this ROM. Admin kindly provide which ROM is better this CM11 or PACMAN? PACMAN allows apps transfer to SD card in lenovo a6000?

  28. Admin says

    Use MX Player, videos works without any problem.

  29. sunilathavale says

    admin can you post the stock ROM for lenovo A6000 as well as sometimes we may need during the lollipop update!

      1. Sunil Athavale says


  30. Arvind Balaji says


  31. Sunil Athavale says

    youtube videos in green and pink….pls fix dear admin

    1. Admin says

      I am sorry, I have no fix for that. If the original developer is uploading a fix then I will provide it to you.

  32. syed umair says

    Is it having problems in playing videos please tell me? Thx in advance

    1. Admin says

      Use MX Player, videos works without any problem.

  33. aditi says


    No way to move apps to SD card. No option to move SD in Setting->Apps. App2SD is also not able to move. I tried exposed.apk also but it also failed. This is major limitation of CM11 since lenovo a6000 comes with only 8GB internal memory and external memory is almost useless in this ROM.

    Pls provide the solution to move apps to SD card.


    1. Admin says

      Sorry to hear that, will find a fix soon. Thanks for reporting the bug Aditi

    2. Vasil Panov says

      You can try this https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nextapp.sdfix It works with ost of the apps.

  34. abhimanyu says

    thnx man downloading now

    1. Admin says

      You’re welcome Abhimanyu

  35. sanu says

    Which ROM is best for battery backup and performance

    1. Vimal Kumar V. says

      CM11 Ultra Smooth Rooted Rom is good for battery backup. Use NQ Booster after installation.

  36. aditi says

    Can i install all apps by default to SD card? I could not even find option for moving app to sd card in settings->apps

    1. Admin says

      You cannot install apps by default to SD card, but hopefully you can move them to the SD card from the Settings > Apps > Select the app and move to SD card. Or you can use Apps2SD app, download it from playstore.

      1. sunilathavale says

        unfortunately apps can not be moved on SD card…admin pls fix this issue :(

      2. aditi says

        Not able to move apps using settings- apps because no option there to move app to SD. I also tried app2sd but its also not able to move apps. Pls do needful to move apps to SD

  37. Turno says

    I have the problem with youtube, when playing video its only has red and green color, and when we change the setting storage of camera, the camera won’t save pictures, any solution please?
    sorry for my bad english.

    1. Admin says

      Sorry for such problems Turno, will try to get an update if possible.

  38. aditi says

    CM11 supports any PC suits? after installing CM 11 will i be able to transfer data from PC to mobile and vice verse?

    1. Admin says

      Yes you’ll be able to transfer data.

  39. sunilathavale says

    This is surely good. Please let me know the following:
    Does the ROM have those sick chinese keyboards like Baidu etc or have google keyboard as a default?
    Does it support app2sd so the apps can be moved on to sd card?
    Will this result into CM12 or 12.1?
    Do all buttons work(including back button)?
    Does anything including system app force close?
    Do GPS work properly as it doesnt work in CM OS ROM or any other ROM.
    Does bluetooth work including BT headset?
    I believe if the above answers are favorable we are surely good to go

    Awaiting confirmation…Thanks

    1. Admin says

      Keyboard – You can always download the Google keyboard, install and make it as your default keyboard.
      App2sd – You can download it from playstore.
      CM12 – This is not a dedicated ROM for Lenovo A6000/Plus so you won’t get an OTA from CM developers. Once an update is released I will post it here.
      Buttons – Yes all the buttons work.
      System App force close – Haven’t faced it yet so far.
      GPS – I have mentioned it already in the post. Yes it works.
      Bluetooth – Bluetooth works, I have tested it on my Bluetooth deck.

      I hope I’ve cleared out most of your doubts.
      Welcome and regards.

      1. sunilathavale says

        Thanks a lot for your prompt reply…now I can surely flash it. One last question..does this ROM support app2sd?

    2. Vimal says

      Dear Admin,
      Thank you for your efforts.

      1. Admin says

        You’re welcome.

        1. Vimal Kumar V. says

          I installed this ROM. I feel that this is better than previous one. Congrats Admin.

          1. sunilathavale says

            can you install apps on sd card and does GPS work flawlessly on this ROM?

          2. Vimal Kumar V. says

            We can install apps

          3. Sunil Athavale says

            apps can not be moved on the SD card :(

          4. Admin says

            Thank you very much Vimal. Glad we were able to help you out.

  40. Vimal Kumar Vazhappally says

    Waiting for CM 12 for Lenovo A6000 Plus.

    1. Admin says

      I’ve the CM12 version, there are lots of bugs. Major are – Camera app not working, GPS not working, Single sim working, System crashes often. Please expect CM12 to be out without bugs once Lenovo A6000/Plus lollipop update is released.

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