Lenovo A6000/Plus CM11 Custom ROM

Lenovo A6000 and Plus users you can use the best custom ROM so far built for your device which is packed with lots of CyanogenMod features and performance tweaks. We’ve been using this custom ROM of CyanogenMod 11 based, and we can assure you that this version is the best so far which will give a very good battery backup of entire day usage, also playing games and using multi-applications won’t make your smartphone lag as it used to happen in the previous versions. Time is passing, and officially Lenovo is not releasing the Lollipop update for Lenovo A6000, but this ROM will give the same performance and smoothness which will be present in Lollipop 5.0 for Lenovo A6000 and Plus. There have been lots of customization in this custom ROM and plenty of themes available in Play Store which you can download and enhance the looks of your smartphone.

We have a guide for unbricking your Lenovo A6000/Plus in case if something goes wrong and your device doesn’t boot to the system. If you want to upgrade your device to Android Lollipop then you can flash these custom ROM’s that are based on Lollipop 5.0, the top downloaded ROM’s on this platform are Flyme OS and MIUI 9.

DISCLAIMER: By no means, we are responsible if you brick your phone or your SD card dies, or your phone behaves abnormally. It is your sole and your responsibility to install the custom ROM on your phone. If you’re unaware of custom ROMs and its bugs, then please do not go any further.


1. CWM/TWRP installed – You can follow the tutorial here for installing CWM.

2. Backup all your data.

About the ROM

Android Version: 4.4.4
Compatible with: Lenovo A6000/Plus
ROM type:  CyanogenMod 11
ROM Author: ED3000/ Liuxingghost/Techolite

Features of the ROM

  • Smooth scroll
  • Ram management
  • Inbuilt app to release ram
  • Support modify themes
  • Support changing notification sounds
  • One hand mode
  • Inbuilt music player
  • Stream live music
  • HD wallpapers
  • Change live wallpapers
  • much more

How to install CM11 ROM on Lenovo A6000/Plus

Step 1: Copy both the files to your SD card

Step 2: Boot into Recovery

Step 3:  Please take an entire backup of your current ROM through the CWM menu.

Step 4: Enter recovery

Step 5: Make full wipe including “system.”

Step 6: Flash the ROM and then the update

Step 7: Flash the gapps.

Step 8: Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2 minutes)

Screenshots of CM11 ROM for Lenovo A6000 Plus


  • WiFi Hotspot not working


  1. Download the Update Patch which is mandatory for both Lenovo A6000/Plus
  2. CM11 Custom ROM For Lenovo A6000/Plus
  3. Google Services (Gapps)
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  1. shivam says

    gey what about otg support…..?

  2. Aish Saras says

    Which one should i download for a6000 plus ???

  3. Sourav Poddar says

    Why i’m getting only 6gb free in this rom??i have a6000 plus

  4. Richard M. Shaw says

    Hey after installing this rom everything worked fine but now my phone’s vibration is not working.

    1. Richard M. Shaw says

      Hey admin please reply,
      I have some more problems like system sound not working (they working in the beginning), sometimes need to reboot when sound buttons don’t work.
      Also the phone ringtone is not changing.
      Hope u will fix these soon.

  5. Richard M. Shaw says

    Sorry my mistake I didn’t disabled WCDMA ON sim 2

  6. Kartik Saine says

    Can’t move apps to SD card cause it’s not showing SD card in app manager…

    I installed Android M theme and feeling laagy

  7. techolite says

    Ah, try google camera then. It is a better alternative.

  8. Richard M. Shaw says

    Unable to change from gsm to 3g.
    Every time I click on respective option nothing happens.

    1. Techolaty says

      You have to select LTE/CDMA/GSM or GSM or WCDMA/GSM Do not select SCDMA that won’t work.

    2. Richard M. Shaw says

      It is stuck on gsm only option I can’t select any other option.

  9. علي جعفر says

    wifi direct not working!!

    1. techolite says

      This bug is already there. Mentioned in the post my friend.

  10. Anthony Glenn Varona says

    why all my download from here is being blocked by my browser?

    1. Techolaty says

      What is the error coming? Are you trying to download using Google Chrome? If yes then please try to download using a different browser.

  11. Satheesh Chandran says

    It’s Not stable and Smooth,
    bugs i found after using after 2days are
    SD Card Problem, Sometimes WIFI, Lagging,

    CM 11 U S Is better.

    On: A6000

    1. techolite says

      Sad to hear that Satheesh :(

  12. علي جعفر says

    there is problem during saving any thing in the external sdcard (camera,recorder,….etc)!!!

    1. Satyajit Korlam says

      Yes Me to facing same issue. When Camera is saving images in SD Card, the images which is saved in SD card is shown as a blank

      1. Techolaty says

        Yes I figured this bug as well. Thanks for reporting!

    2. Satheesh Chandran says

      u r r8

  13. Debjit says

    dude, its not completely bug free, as u r claiming in ur post. bugs i found after using after 2days are – 1. wifi does not turn on sometimes, need to rebooot to make it work again. 2. was lagging after first boot, need to change some settings of option “performance”

    1. techolite says

      Is it Lenovo A6000 Plus which you’re using and facing the problem?

      1. Debjit says


  14. الصقر الابيض says

    the Rom is beautiful , but:
    1. Sometimes i notice slow on run programs after install it.
    2- sd card does not accept the establishment of a file or delete a file from them.
    What is the solution ? Thank you …. and claimed God to guide you to success and to the faith

    1. الصقر الابيض says

      Where is the reply admin ?

      1. techolite says

        I am sorry for the late reply, yes the applications once clicked takes time to open.
        Also the SD card bug is not fixed yet, there are three respective developers for this but none could find a fix for it.

  15. Mohammad Azhar Cbm says

    unfortunately media process has stopped i m stuck with this.Please help me out no media is showing up on my phone.

    1. techolite says

      Which device? A6000 or Plus?

      1. Mohammad Azhar Cbm says

        a6000 plus

        1. techolite says

          You have downloaded Lenovo A6000 Plus package files right?

          1. Mohammad Azhar Cbm says


  16. Yasar Shaikh says

    Tacholaty bro excluding this rom is there any other rom which is free of bugs have all basic functions working fine like camera hotspot and other things ? Please let me know any other stable rom.

    1. techolite says

      MIUI is stable in that regards, you can try that custom rom. It has all the features working. And also NUBIA UI for Lenovo A6000 is stable too. Free from all the bugs. CM11 (this one) is quite smooth and doesn’t uses much resources which results in a lot of battery backup left.

      1. Yasar Shaikh says

        Thanks for the reply bro.. Can you post the link for miui here ?

        1. techolite says

          I will give you an updated download link for that later. As of now I’m not able to see it on my file host being uploaded.

          1. Yasar Shaikh says

            No problem. For now I can install cm11. Just downloading it. Will wait for MIUI. THANKS

          2. Yasar Shaikh says

            Hello Bro,

            Currently I have installed this ROM and I am facing issues in camera. after clicking camera it does not save that pic and whole dark black picture is there.and in UI i felt a little lag.

            if you have link ready for MIUI6 .please let me have it.

          3. Yasar Shaikh says

            thanks bro.

  17. Yasar Shaikh says

    Hello Admin,

    From description it seems like finally we have got a ROM for the device that is free from bugs. thanks alot.

    Do we still have WiFi issue as it was in last CM11 ROM http://www.techolite.com/lenovo-a6000-cm11-custom-rom/ or its resolved in this one ? Please let me know if there any bugs in this..

    thanks again.. Looking forward for your reply.

    1. Techolaty says

      The WiFi bug has been fixed in this one including the green/pink video problem. This custom rom is free from all the bugs. Just one bug is there and that is the WiFi Hotspot.

    2. Satyajit Korlam says

      As of now I didnt face any issue with WIFI. I can easily connect to Secured wifi.

    3. Yasar Shaikh says

      Thanks for the reply friend. I know you must have done rigorous testing to resolve this issue. I am just asking if there is any way to share our data as I often use hotspot to share my data. Any software hotspot won’t work?

      1. techolite says

        No, 3rd party applications aren’t working. Please give me some time, I’ll get a fix for sure.

        1. Yasar Shaikh says

          It can wait bro.. Keep up the best work

  18. Satyajit Korlam says

    I have flashed this ROM. In one word, Awesome, Didnt face any lag or any bug. Everything working fine. Just need to check the Battery Backup. I would recommend this ROM definitely.

    1. techolite says

      Thank you :) This rom is better than other CM11 roms for Lenovo A6000 and Plus

      1. Yasar Shaikh says

        Satyajit please share your experience regarding the battery backup. Though I can’t wait to install the same and test it on my own. Thanks techolite bro for the rom.

        1. techolite says

          You’re welcome once again Yasar.

          1. Yasar Shaikh says

            Thanks bro

  19. techolite says

    Satyajit you got me wrong. I didn’t said WiFi isn’t working. WiFi is working without any problem, you can connect to the Router easily. What I meant to say is that you cannot share your data to other smartphones around using WiFi Hotspot/Tethering. I hope now the doubt is cleared to you my friend?

  20. Satyajit Korlam says

    3 download links are there. Shall I need to flash all 3

    1. techolite says

      No Satyajit not at all. You’ll have to download the Custom Rom for your device, I’ve mentioned it clearly dear that there is compulsory Update file to be downloaded and second one is the Custom Rom for the selected device i.e if you’re having Lenovo A6000 or Plus. Download any one of them which ever device you’re having.

  21. Harsha vardhan says

    lolipop custom rom plz for a6000+…..

    1. techolite says

      Until and unless Lenovo releases Lollipop update for A6000/Plus we cannot port lollipop based custom rom for it.

  22. Satheesh Chandran says

    What is the difference between this and your old CM11 & CM11 US?

    1. techolite says

      This is much stable and free from bugs.

      1. Satheesh Chandran says

        So you are saying This ROM is Better than CM 11 Utra Smooth ROM – Right?
        I Love Her – CM 11 US, and i am using it.

        1. techolite says

          Yes this ROM is much better and it better than Ultra Smooth ROM. I’m glad to hear you are loving this ROM.

  23. abogaafar says

    what is the difference bt this and this http://www.techolite.com/lenovo-a6000-cm11-custom-rom/ ??

    1. techolite says

      That Custom Rom is full of bugs. Download this CM11 Custom Rom which is quiet stable.

  24. Viki says

    Please provide custom roms for lenovo a7000. We are waiting for a very long time.

    1. techolite says

      I’ll surely provide them too, please give me some time. I do not have that device to port custom roms. I will have to find it on the internet.

  25. Kush Bajaj says

    Dude…How’s the camera quality of this rom… Is it same as the stock?

    1. techolite says

      Yes it is far better than the stock camera app.

      1. Kush Bajaj says

        I already tried that rom… Camera sucks

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