Download iOS 9 HD Wallpapers

iOS 9 hd wallpapers for download. The iOS 9 wallpapers have been captured from the new ios 9 preview for developers. There are a set of 15 High Definition wallpapers zipped and for the preview we have attached 8 wallpapers on this page. We couldn’t attach all the 15 ios 9 hd wallpapers due to their respective sizes being too large which would have made this page load very slow.

Features of iOS 9 HD Wallpapers :

Dimenson : 1242 X 2080 and above

Contents : A total of 15 HD Wallpapers

Format : PNG

Pack :  15 Wallpapers Zipped

Preview for iOS 9 HD Wallpapers :

Download iOS 9 HD Wallpapers :

ios 9 HD Wallpapers

You can use these wallpapers on your smartphone if your screen resolution is minimum 728×1268 but do not worry you can even set it on lower resolution smartphones as well. The download file size of the packed wallpapers are 45 MB and you can download it for free from userscloud. When you’re at the download page, please do not get confused with the Download buttons displayed on the page. Do check the download button for the link by hovering over the download buttons an checking which button leads to the link for download.

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