Lenovo A6000 Cyanogenmod 12.1 Custom ROM (Working)

A very good news for Lenovo A6000 users, your favorite Lollipop based CyanogenMod 12.1 custom ROM is now available with major bugs being fixed and that is the network/data and camera issues. Unlike the previous version of CM 12.1 for Lenovo A6000, this time you will be able to make calls, connect to the internet using 4G/3G/2G and of course there are many improvements from the previous versions of CyanogenMod for Lenovo A6000. There is a major bug which persists, and that is the WiFi bug which happens to be on “Turning On” mode but never displays the nearby WiFi Hotspot networks. But we believe that the original author will be fixing it very soon, we appreciate their hard work and are glad that they have made the best custom ROM for Lenovo A6000 working with basic amenities. Please read the guide very carefully as it is a little bit lengthy, but you will be able to install CM 12.1 on your Lenovo A6000 within 5-10 minutes.

cyanogenmod 12 lenovo a6000

DISCLAIMER : We will not be responsible if your brick your device or your SD card doesn’t work anymore. Flashing or rooting devices breaks the warranty of your device. It is your sole responsibility to go any further, techolite.com will not be bearing any loss incurred by you.

How To Install CM 12.1 on Lenovo A6000?

For installing CyanogenMod 12.1 on your device, you will require certain files and guides to be followed.

Pre-Requisites :

  1. Your device should be on Stock Lollipop ROM
    • If not then please Flash Lollipop ROM from here
  2. Install TWRP Recovery from here
  3. Download CM 12.1 ROM from here or from here
  4. Google Services (Gapps) – Download it from here

About The Rom :

Android Version: 5.1
Compatible : Lenovo A6000
ROM Type:  Unofficial Cyanogenmod 12.1

ROM Version – 12.1

ROM Size:  433 MB
ROM Author/Credits: Stuepdec

Installing Cyanogenmod 12.1 on Lenovo A6000

Step 1: Copy the CM 12.1 ROM and GApps in your SD card

Step 2: Boot into Recovery

  • Switch off your device
  • Now press Volume Down + Power Button together for 2-5 seconds until you see the bootloader
  • Connect the USB to your PC/Laptop and then flash TWRP recovery (read the guide here)

Step 3:  Make full wipe including “system” (data, dalvik, system, cache)

Step 4: Now go back and click install and then click one level up

Step 5: Search for the CM 12.1 ROM and flash it

Step 6: Reboot (the first boot can take up to 2 minutes)

Features of the Rom

  • No Bloat-wares
  • Ram Management
  • Lite ROM
  • Premium Themes
  • Guest Mode
  • WiFi Tethering


Working List

  • SIM
  • Data
  • Camera
  • Sounds

Bugs Found

  • WiFi still not working for few users
  • While calling it sometimes reboots (reported by users)
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  1. jami says

    the rom is awsome ….it works perfectly …..but ….when i use some apps it was slow down the device and get hang….the apps are picart…messenger and clash of clans game…it is bug

  2. Sree phaneeth says

    Is Facebook apps is working on this rom

  3. Pavan Swaroop says

    how to revert back to stock rom please full issues with this

  4. Dinesh says

    Waiting for these bugs to be fixed… Pls fix it soon. Thanks .

  5. Nithin Mohan Kulathoor says

    can i flash the rom using lolipop default recovery ?

  6. Nithin Mohan Kulathoor says

    can i install the rom using stock recovery ?

  7. Vishal Patil says

    Guys Right now This rom is still in testing mode so there are still some bugs, With updated fix wifi and calling issue is fixed but there is an issue with battery., i recommend you guys to wait for proper working rom hence we are still testing this rom to work fully potential on 64bit. Requesting Author @veeramrit:disqus to Update the post.

    1. Flashlight
    2. Camera
    3. battery drain
    4. no 64bit

  8. Satheesh Chandran says

    Hey Techbraineesss solve the problem,
    She is perfect and smooth ROM,
    3x better than that Stock Rom,
    Need to fix – Wifi, Calling problem, Audio quality and should increase Camera clarity,

    waiting for the finest one,

  9. Swapan says

    Just returning form this rom.
    The rom is very nice and smooth but all time restart when try to call any no. And camera is average.
    Waiting 4 solve calling bug..

  10. Walid Fdoul says

    Please update thread…im waiting the fixed version to flash it…

  11. Vishal Patil says


    please update your methods and links, all bugs are fixed now.

    1. techolite says

      Did you try yourself?

    2. Techolaty says

      Did you try yourself?

  12. Akshay Gehi says

    Is the ROM fully functional?
    if not, what are the things that are not working?

    1. techolite says

      Wifi doesnt works.

  13. Swapan says

    I have A6000 with lollipop update.
    I was trying to flash pacman rom using twrp but the pacman rom couldn’t install. Why? Coz i m on lollipop.( m i right?) And my phone got soft brick, but i restored stock rom.
    And now i want to flash with thi cynogen rom, but i m little worried that if this rom will also not install?
    Actually in my area only airtel 3g is available and there is no wifi. if this will not install then..

    1. techolite says

      This rom will work if you’re on lollipop.

      1. Swapan says

        Some people saying bug in incoming- outgoing calls. What about that bug? Solved or not ?

    2. Techolaty says

      This rom will work if you’re on lollipop.

  14. Ian Wise Sisa says

    everything works perfect I like the ROM
    . thanks to the developer but calling does not work,its a bug.

  15. Walid Fdoul says

    The recovery didn’t want to install….what is the problem ??? on kitkat it works but on lollipop it wont ..it shows me “dtb not found”…

    1. techolite says

      Thats wrong recovery. You need to flash the correct recovery.

    2. Techolaty says

      Thats wrong recovery. You need to flash the correct recovery.

  16. Sourav Poddar says

    Only for a6000?not plus?

    1. techolite says

      Yep both.

    2. Techolaty says

      Yep both.

  17. ALPHAKILLER says

    Wifi not working as mentioned above and another big bug is when you call or when you recieve a call call your phone will reboot .

    1. techolite says

      Call was working fine until you reported.

  18. Debjit says

    its rebooting on incoming & outgoing calls.. any fix for this???

    1. techolite says

      Let the author of this rom get a fix

  19. Vishal Patil says

    for fixing wifi please use this way:
    $ adb root
    $ adb -d shell
    # cd / data / misc / wifi
    # Chown system.wifi wpa_supplicant.conf
    # reboot Use the terminal emulator or minimal ADB fastboot. Report the results yes

    1. techolite says


    2. Techolaty says


    3. Pavan Swaroop says

      tell me in detail pls

  20. vishal says

    i know how to fix wifi issue !! ping me asap


      I’m flashing in windows. Please explain what to do to fix wifi and call issues.
      Thanks in advance!

  21. Avinash Baburao says

    Twrp lost after installing this ROM.
    Device autimatically restarts when you make call…
    Solution please….

    1. techolite says

      This bug is common, let the author fix it.

  22. sourav says

    Why is it necessary to flash vine lollipop?

    1. techolite says

      Because it wont work if you’re on kitkat.

    2. Techolaty says

      Because it wont work if you’re on kitkat.

  23. tej says

    pls fix wifi problem

  24. Diablo says

    LOL BLOCKED Me for Posting Fixed Proper Link. Wp

    1. techolite says

      What link did you post? And if you were blocked then how is this comment approved? Anyways other links in commenrs are automatically disapproved.

    2. Techolaty says

      What link did you post? And if you were blocked then how is this comment approved? Anyways other links in commenrs are automatically disapproved.

  25. Arun says

    Can I flash it from cm11 directly or is it necessary to flash lollipop first?

    1. techolite says

      Lollipop should be installed first.

  26. saikarthikeya says

    is wifi working or not..? i cant find wifi notification on screen shots…

    any bugs..?

    1. techolite says

      No its not.

      1. Ian Wise Sisa says

        calling is another bug

  27. dewanto says

    what’s not working

    1. techolite says

      Yes it is not working.

      1. saikarthikeya says

        can i have a clarity….what is not working…?

        1. techolite says


  28. sourav says

    Can I flash via cm 11?

    1. techolite says

      no, you need lollipop to be installed first

  29. sourav says

    Sir can I flash it from cm 11 if I does it then what will be the problem

    1. techolite says

      No, you need to be on Lollipop first.

    2. Techolaty says

      No, you need to be on Lollipop first.

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