Lenovo A6000/Plus Official MIUI 7 ROM Based On Lollipop

Xiaomi default user interface and Android operating system MIUI 7 is now unofficially enlisted on their website for Lenovo K30 which is as usually compatible with Lenovo A6000 and Plus. The custom ROM gets weekly updates and is pretty much stable, unlike other custom ROMs. The MIUI 7 custom ROM for Lenovo A6000 is based on KitKat 4.4.4 and comes with no Google applications pre-installed.

The ROM includes basic MI Store for a marketplace where you can download applications and games. It has theme store from where you can download numerous amount of themes, fonts and sounds. MIUI is the best custom ROM in terms of looks for Lenovo A6000 and Plus but for gaming we would suggest you go for CM11 which is based upon KitKat 4.4.4 or CM 12.1 which is based upon Lollipop 5.1 but then you can give a try for MIUI 7 on Lenovo A6000 and Plus if you’re not fond of gaming.

WARNING: Rooting or installing a custom ROM or recovery might brick your device or your device may act abnormally and you also lose the device warranty.We’re not liable for any loss of data or any property of yours by any mean.

Lenovo A6000 Unofficial MIUI 7 ROM (Weekly Updated)


    1. CWM installed – Read the tutorial here 
    2. Lenovo A6000 Unofficial MIUI 7 ROM– Check at the bottom of this post
    3. Google Services (Gapps) – Download it from here
    4. Backup all your PERSONAL DATA and CONTACTS

About The ROM

Android Version: 5.1

Compatible: Lenovo A6000/Plus

Type: MIUI 7

ROM Version: Latest 6.4.8(MIUI 7)

Size:  Check at the bottom MB

Author: Unknown


  • One hand mode
  • Wallpapers pre-loaded
  • New Screen Lock Wallpapers
  • New Ringtones
  • Custom Themes
  • Music Player Controls
  • Live Wallpapers

How To Install The ROM

Step 1: Copy the ROM and Gapps to your SD Card

Step 2: Boot into Recovery

Step 3:  Please take an entire backup of your current ROM through the CWM/TWRP menu. So that you can restore it back if you fail to install the Custom ROM

Step 4: Enter recovery

Step 5: Make full wipe including “system”

Step 6: Flash the ROM and then the Gapps

Step 7: Reboot


NOTE: The weekly updates are bug fixes and performance upgrades. Each week you get the update in the form of OTA which is small in size, you need to flash them manually. Please be advised that if you try to automatically update it and reboot then your phone might go to bootloop (boot screen freeze). You can flash the update manually by going to custom recovery and flash it.


  • RAM left is 400 MB on first boot
  • Rom is smooth on Lenovo A6000 until running heavy applications in the background like Facebook/Instagram/messenger
    • We can advise you to use the default browser or Google Chrome to use Facebook or other apps that can run in a browser too.
  • Themes are marvelous and are very attractive.
  • The sound quality is good and has good effective sound through earphones plugged in.
  • The camera is no doubt perfect, unlike the stock ROM.


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  1. aleena kakkar says

    I am using Lenovo a6000 Android version 4.4.4 .I want to install miui rom . please guide me from initial. This is my first time so please help me.

  2. shailu says

    Can I flash it using CWM recovery…..

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Only TWRP will work with lollipop based roms.

  3. abhishek says

    After installing miui 8n in my lenevo phone it work fine but after som time google service not working why

  4. shahudin says

    I had miui 7 rom and I had done weekly update my phone got stuck and now I can’t do anything on my phone, screen got black. Only vibrant when I press keys. Very bad miui 7 weekly update

  5. vishal joshi says

    Sir plz help me I m using Lenovo a6000 plus my phone is on KitKat now I want to flash lollipop based ROM miui 7 so what to do plz help me

    1. shahudin says

      Don’t flash miui 7 rom, when will update, weekly update your phone will get hard brick and totally death. My lenovo a6000 is totally death, lenovo service center cant repair it.

      1. Veer Amrit Singh says

        The weekly updates are bug fixes and performance upgrades. Each week you get the update in the form of OTA which are small in size, you need to flash them manually. Please be advised that if you try to automatically update it and reboot then your phone might go to bootloop (boot screen freeze). You can flash the update manually by going to custom recovery and flash it.

        1. shahudin says

          Please cant tell me step by step how update weekly update. By twrp recovery. I don’t know how to update, I had click on update and after download was completed, and told to reboot your phone, and clicked on reboot it went to twrp recovery and automatically started flashing weekly update after 2 mint my phone screen went off and I prees the power button to wakeup screen, but nothing happens only get vibrant and cant do anything on it. I gave to repair in lenovo service center, they told this phone is totally death, nobody can repair. I lost Rs6000 by miui rom

        2. shahudin says

          Now how to get back to twrp recovery

        3. jaspalsingh says

          How can see Punjabi font in miui 8. Sir. Please help

  6. Amith Raj K says

    Use QFIL/Qualcom downloader and flash your stock rom …I too had the same problem..

  7. Amogh says

    Thanks for the ROM, it is awesome but only thing is Whatsapp messenger crashes a lot and also some messages are not readable when there are some designs in the messages. Also when there are lot of messages in whatsapp then it is unable to open the app.

    1. sayiex says

      Sir, but I done weekly update and my phone got brick now it is not getting into twrp recovery and not getting on fastboot, bootloader and download mode. Only when I press keys to go into recovery it vibrant’s, and screen is totally black

    2. sayiex says

      My phone got brick ,when I update weekly update. I cant goto recovery or fastboot, bootloader, download mode, screen is totally black

    3. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Download the latest rom now.

      1. shahudin says

        Sir please reply to my message

  8. sayiex says

    I can’t goto twrp recovery.

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Your device is on Kitkat or Lollipop at the moment?

  9. sayiex says

    I had flash custom rom miui 7, I got update and I downloaded miui update, after download complicated, pop message told to reboot, when click reboot in went on twrp recovery and started flash and immediately, phone screen got black, on I can goto twrp recovery or while pressing power botton it vibrant but not getting ON. please help me, NOW WHAT TO DO.

    1. Doshi says

      Hai brother,
      My phone too in same situation…. did you overcome this, or what’s the status now….

    2. Tns Developers says

      Cant go in TWRP or any recovery ?
      TRY THIS 100% it will work

      If u have any laptop or PC

      1 install ADB driver and setup

      2 open the cmd from c:Minimal adb / Cmd

      3 connect ur phone

      4 try to boot fastboot mode

      5 type adb devices after devices is showed

      6 Type adb reboot recovery

      Thts it

  10. vaja jaydip says

    I m install rom and gapps good rom
    all good
    but whatapps massege not riceave
    i m using a6000

  11. vaja jaydip says

    i can not open recovery
    plz… hepl me bro

  12. Muhamad Ivan Herdian says

    Any have bugs ??
    Can we flash without wipe system ??

  13. Muhamad Ivan Herdian says

    Any have bugs ??
    Can we flash without wipe system ??

  14. Supreeth R Koundinya says

    Can i directly flash from mokee 5.1.1?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      No my friend, you need to revert back to Kitkat to be able to install MIUI 7 on your device. Follow this link – https://www.techolite.com/33274/revert-back-to-kitkat-from-lollipop-on-lenovo-a6000.html

  15. Nithin Mohan Kulathoor says

    while installing new update it says error executing updater binary in zip file.i have tried both twrp and cwm recovery

    1. Techolite says

      Do not auto update. Flash the update using CWM.

  16. saikarthikeya says

    Is there any lagging while using big apps like truecaller facebook..?
    Previous mi roms came with these problems.

    1. Techolite says

      No problem on A6000 Plus. But yes lags on A6000 if you run more apps simultaneously.

      1. saikarthikeya says

        Please provide any stable custom rom..iam suffering lot with lollipop

  17. Nagireddy says

    WHY the Chat option is not available for all.?

    1. Techolite says

      You will have to login with one of the social networks.

  18. Nagireddy says

    Dear Thanks for the rom,
    From where the hell the max audio Default APP came into MIUI. I never seen this APP in any miui version.

    1. Techolite says

      You can remove it and integrate Dolby if you want.

  19. Nithin Mohan Kulathoor says

    can’t open the clock .found a bug

    1. Techolite says

      Try the new version now.

      1. Subkhi G Baskoro says

        Im using twrp by sevenmax its aborted

  20. Nithin Mohan Kulathoor says

    does it have any bugs ?

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