Xposed Framework & Modules For Marshmallow

Downloading and Installing Xposed Framework and its modules is a lot of fun and giving a turbo-charge to your android device. Now you can enjoy the same on your marshmallow based smartphones. Xposed Framework for Marshmallow has been finally developed and can be installed easily on a rooted android device running on android 6.0. Due to the new Dalvik & Art which made incompatible with the xposed framework and not to work on marshmallow based roms has been finally developed and thankfully Rovo89 has made some changes to make it work.

DISCLAIMER : techolite and it’s authors are not responsible for any loss or damage which is incurred during the process of rooting or installing any custom recovery, custom rom or any other modules. It is your sole responsibility to proceed further and take the risk. Please do not complain if anything goes wrong, just follow the instructions carefully.

How To Install Xposed On Marshmallow?


  • Custom recovery
  • Rooted device
  • Device should be running on Android Marshmallow 6.0
  • Xposed Framework for Marshmallow (Mentioned in step 2 below)

Steps to Install Xposed Framework on Marshmallow

  1. Currently xposed on marshmallow based roms are available for three different variants and those are ARMv7, ARM64 and x86. You need to check your device cpu architecture by installing the following application from play store and check it.
  2. Now based on the cpu architecture download the right version for your device
  3. Take an entire backup of your device
  4. Copy the downloaded file in the sd card and boot into custom recovery and flash it.
  5. Enjoy!

Complete List of Xposed Modules Working On Marshmallow


  • 1++ calculator
  • 4G/LTE switcher 1.0
  • 20 MP Superior Auto
  • AdBlocker
  • ACDisplay
  • ActivityForceNewTask
  • All Notifications Expanded
  • Always Expandable Notifications
  • Always Correct
  • Ambient display mod
  • Amplify
  • App settings (pylers build)
  • AppOpsXposed
  • BootManager (possibly SIM bugs)
  • Bright Lockscreen
  • BubbleUPNP’s Audio cast
  • Burnt Toast
  • Call Blacklist Pro
  • Chrome New Tab
  • Chrome PIE
  • Clarity
  • Clean Lockscreen (can’t get rid of mic icon tho)
  • Cool tool
  • Copy toast
  • CrappaLinks
  • Custom share
  • DisableFlagSecure
  • Disable Fullscreen Keyboard
  • Disable Instagram Double Tap
  • Disable Proximity Sensor (crash during 3D youtube videos)
  • Disable su indicator
  • DoubleTapToSleep
  • Enabled notification ticker
  • Enable ambient display xposed (beta v1.2.3)
  • EnhancedToast
  • Eye Preserver
  • FakeGapps
  • Fake wifi connection
  • Flat Style Bar Indicators
  • Flat style colored bars (updated)
  • Flat Style Keyboard
  • Flying Android
  • Fonter
  • Force Fast Scroll
  • Force immersive mode
  • Gmail attachment size
  • Gravity Box MM (official)
  • Greenify (use latest beta, may cause instability)
  • Hide Carrier Label
  • Hijri Clock
  • Instagram Themer
  • LPThemer
  • LWInRecents
  • Lockscreen music art remover
  • Lockscreen Widgets (widget not detected by zooper)
  • Materialised xposed (working for some)
  • Maxlock (possible freezing)
  • Min min guard (possible freezing)
  • Minimum brightness
  • NetStrength
  • Network Speed Indicator
  • Neversleep
  • Nexus navbarZ
  • No Lock Home 2
  • No device check
  • Nowakelock
  • NotifyClean
  • Play Store Changelog
  • Powernap
  • Prevent running
  • ReceiverStop
  • RecentApp Clear
  • QuickPic2Gallery
  • Root cloak
  • Screen Filter
  • ScreenOffAnimation
  • Serajr Blurred System UI (1.1)
  • Smart network 2
  • Smooth System Progress Bars 1.5.0
  • Snapcolors 3.4.12
  • Snapprefs (new MM update)
  • Softkeys Fade Mod
  • Status Bar Download Progress
  • Statusbar Scroll to Top
  • Swipeback 2
  • Swype Tweaks
  • Trusted wifi for smart lock
  • Tumblr Adaway
  • Ultimate Dynamic NavBar Pro
  • Unicon beta (only on permissive)
  • Unwatch
  • Ussd inbox
  • Volume steps+ (Updated)
  • Volume unlinked
  • WhatsApp Tuner 1.32
  • Xblast
  • Xcooldroid
  • XGELs
  • XGPM
  • XHangouts (updated)
  • Xinsta (working with new version)
  • XKindleMod
  • XLDrawer
  • XLed
  • Xnotifications
  • Xposed GEL Settings (beta)
  • Xprivacy
  • Xstana
  • XuiMod
  • XXSID Indicator
  • YouTube adaway
  • Zoom for instagram

Partially Working

  • Awesome popup player (working for some)
  • Boot manager (working for some)
  • DirectApkInstall (installs apk but it package installer doesn’t appear)
  • Gesture Navigation
  • Lockscreen Disabler (ambient display broken)
  • Moto Checkbox
  • Native Freezer
  • Physical Button Music Control
  • Restore notification ticker on Lollipop (Prevents heads up from working, but doesn’t show
  • ticker text)
  • TabletMetrics
  • Wanam kit
  • XBridge
  • XInternalSD
  • XToast (working for some)
  • Xinstaller

    Not Working

  • Audio BT
  • Audio balance
  • Audio stream music default
  • Complete Action Plus (no effect)
  • Desk Clock Alarm
  • Dont Swipe
  • DynamicAlarmIcon
  • Exchange Security Bypass
  • Hideable Nav Bar
  • iFont
  • IMEI Changer
  • Insert Custom Text (installs but no effect)
  • Lock screen clock mods [LP]
  • Lollistat (enables but doesn’t tint)
  • MagnetOff
  • Mobile radio active fix
  • Native clip (non functioning)
  • Native Freezer
  • Niwatori
  • PinNotif
  • ScreenshotDelayRemover (no effect)
  • Shortcut in app info
  • SIM Number Changer
  • Statusbar download progress
  • SwipeUpToSleep (no effect)
  • Tinted Recent Panels
  • True Silent Mode
  • Wifi Filter
  • Wifi Key View (does nothing)
  • Xtended Nav Bar (does not control music)
  • Xposed Additions
  • Xposed torch
  • Xposed Gesture Navigation (installs but no function)
    In general, power and audio related modules are not working.
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  1. J says

    Insert Custom Text works!

  2. Ritesh Baranwal says

    Hey..Robin…I am a moto e2 user…tell me if we flash cm13 on our device..then can we use xposed on our phones ?

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