[DOWNLOAD] Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition With Extreme Mods


WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition is now revamped and updated with lots of new features and security which you can download it directly from the links provided below, you will get extreme mods in this version of WhatsApp Plus which is developed by David who has his official website as well and has worked pretty well to deliver us with such an awesome modded version of WhatsApp.

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition now and get to explore features that are not present in the Official WhatsApp such as hiding last seen of yours but still you can see others last seen, you can even freeze your last seen to a particular time which is a very cool and unique feature of the extreme mods.

Whatsapp Plus gold edition is the most extreme editions so far with maximum modifications and tweaks. Whatsapp Plus gold edition is packed with new user interface, sending a video of up to 5 GB at once instead of 30 MB, new fonts styles, bold names in contacts, smooth and very fast to operate. This version of Whatsapp plus is far better than OGWhatsapp, WhatsFapp, GBWhatsapp etc and no lag at all.

whatsapp plus gold edtion wallpapers

One of the best features of this Golden WhatsApp is that is completely ad-free unlike other modded versions of WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition’s that have many annoying and pop up ads. This version is free from such ads and if you want to support the developer and want to get latest updates for a prolonged period of time then consider to give a donation to him.

Download Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition With Extreme Mods


  • Default icon changed
  • Default chat wallpaper changed
  • Attached icon changed
  • Ban proof
  • New Font Style Added For Different Look
  • Supports calls
  • Hide your (last seen)
  • Privacy mods
  • Themes mods
  • Change ticks/bubbles Style Mod
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • Media preview without loading
  • Show Online/last Seen in Main Screen
  • Send video to size 5 GB instead of 16 MB
  • Send 10000 images at once instead of 10
  • Change your status and add to 251.99 characters instead of 139 characters
  • Hide the name and the date when copying more than one message
  • The possibility of copying friends status
  • Change the app icon
  • Hide Archived Chats
  • Emoji color changed
  • New HD Icon added
  • Disable output switching
  • Contact Status and toast added
  • FAB added
  • Change color of name and message
  • OLD UI added
  • And many other features


Version 6.10

  • New Updated Base to 2.17.223 (Play Store)

  • Super Exclusive Message Scheduler (Open Options on Main Screen & Select Message Scheduler)

  • Added in Exclusive Way Ability to Change Fonts (App Size Remains the Same as We have made it Online for Selecting Fonts) (Mod 11) (For the first time, it will take bit time)

  • Exclusive Toast When Anyone Views your Status/Story (Mod 2.5.8)

  • Ability to send multiple videos at the same time

  • Added Doodle (Now add edit pics with emojis & text) when choosing pic from Gallery

  • Updated Now Status/Story will directly download when clicking on download

  • Added View all Status as a list (go to Status Tab and click Options)

  • Added Option to Change Mention Color in Chat Screen (Mod 1.2.58)

  • Added Option to Change Mention Color on Main Screen (Mod 2.2.36)

  • Added Option to Change Color of Broadcast List when Forward Msg (Mod 2.4.15)

  • Added Option to Change Color of Broadcast Icon (Mod 1.2.59)

  • Added Option to Change Color of Unread Message in Chat Screen (Mod 1.2.59 to Mod 1.2.61)

  • Fixed WAMOD Entry Style

  • Other Fixes

Version 5.0

  • GB, GIO, OSM, Yo, OG Features now Added in One WhatsApp
  • New UI of WhatsApp
  • Change Style Conversation Enter
  • Hangout, WAMa Style, Stock, iMessage
  • Add counter to record second in hang out style
  • Option to change notification icon
  • New Style to Settings
  • Option to change attachment picker between new and old style
  • Add Fab Button And option to hide it
  • Option to hide plus icon in top
  • Fixed all crash

Version 4.0

  • NEW LOOK of WhatsApp
  • Send video to size 5 GB instead of 16 MB
  • Send 10000 images at once instead of 10
  • Emoji color changed
  • New Font Style Added for Different Look
  • FAB added
  • Add Option to change header in Conversations between Old Ul & Call Ul
  • Added Option To Hide/Show FAB (Floating action button)
  • Added Option To convert the color of the contact and message of the White name in conversations (to change the background color easily see the second photo )
  • Bold Name contact in Chat
  • Status up to 251.99 word
  • Image/Video preview Without Crash
  • Optimized with no Lags at all

How To Install Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition?

  1. Download Official Whatsapp from Play Store first
  2. Open it and then send someone message
  3. Take a backup of the chats and then uninstall Whatsapp
    Go to Settings — Chats — Backup
    Click on back up chats and wait a little while, and let the backup complete.
  4. Uninstall the Official WhatsApp from your device now
  5. Now download the WhatsApp Gold apk and Install it on your device
  6. It will ask for restore backup. Restore it and verify your number
  7. Now you are on Whatsapp Plus Gold Edition
  8. Enjoy!

Whats Extreme Mods Are Included?

  • Send up to 5 GB of Video at once
  • Send up to 100 images at once
  • Payment removed mod
  • Status up to 251-word mod
  • Image/Video preview Without Crash

Screen Shots

whatsapp gold edition options whatsapp gold 3.0 whatsapp gold smileys whatsapp gold whatsapp plus gold screen whatsapp plus gold edition whatsapp gold extreme edition


There are rumors about WhatsApp gold being fake and many other reports have been done, people are scared of it and for that we have removed the WhatsApp gold download link, instead of it you can download GBWhatsApp which is more popular these days and have better development and updates often.


Whatsapp Gold Edition Techolite.com.apk September 2017 (Updated) WhatsApp GOLD Edition v5.5 Techolite.com.apk Mirror
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    In my past 3 years have never used whatsapp messenger, have been relaying on gbwhatsapp ,jimods, and butman whatsapp to mention but a few.., before last year when whatsapp plus blocked me for 120hours equivalent to 5days..!
    Point of fact am a Ugandan, and to be honest am a number one whatsapp+ fun in africa to mention…! Its unfortunately that I got to know about this whatsapp pretty late due to the fact that I was in school..! Have tried downloading old 2 versions of whatsapp gold but they are all absolutely..! I even went the extent of changing the date on my phone hopping to be successful, but all in vein..!
    This is day 3 not yet on whatsapp..! But at the moment am gona download jimods whatsapp for the tym being.! My number tho is..

    At this point you can tell am a whatsapp+ die hard..
    This whatsapp gold wil have changed me alot. Due to the video size 5gb enabling me to send to my friends HD movie’s,..! Thanks and I hope to hear from you pretty soon.. God bless

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