Download WhatsApp Plus APK 2019 For Android

WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition is now revamped and updated with lots of new features and security which you can download it directly from the links provided below, you will get extreme mods in this version of WhatsApp Plus which is developed by David who has his official website as well and has worked pretty well to deliver us with such an awesome modded version of WhatsApp.
Download WhatsApp Plus 2019 Edition now and get to explore features that are not already in the Official WhatsApp such as hiding last seen of yours but still you can see others last seen, you can even freeze your last seen to a particular time which is a very cool and unique feature of the extreme mods.

What is WhatsApp Plus or WhatsApp Gold Edition?

WhatsApp Plus is quite famous instant messaging service among all Android users. Many users already know about GBWhatsApp which has an extra feature of using two WhatsApp accounts on the same device. The official WhatsApp Plus service has been discontinued from WhatsApp Ic and the development of publishing is stopped. But there are some Android developers who still have kept the WhatsApp Plus Project alive. In this post, you will be able to see the enhanced features and how to download WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition for free.

whatsapp plus gold
Do more with WhatsApp Plus

Whatsapp Plus gold edition is the most extreme editions so far with maximum modifications and tweaks. Whatsapp Plus gold edition is packed with the new user interface, sending a video of up to 1 GB at once instead of 30 MB, new fonts styles, bold names in contacts, smooth and very fast to operate. This version of Whatsapp Plus is far better compared OGWhatsapp or WhatsFapp.

One of the best features of this Golden WhatsApp is that it is completely ad-free, unlike other modded versions that have many annoying and pop up ads.

Everyone’s liking for WhatsApp Plus is immeasurable due to the following things:

WhatsApp Plus can be installed very easily just like the official version is installed from Play Store.

The installation procedure is quite simple, you just need to follow the instructions given below. Once you install it, you will never look back to the Official version anymore.

Always take a backup of your WhatsApp chat logs from the WhatsApp Setting > Chats > Back up chats.

WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition supplies you with tons of features that will make you amazed. Everyone should have the WhatsApp Plus free download latest version installed on their smartphones.

The major features are Hiding last seen, Hiding Blue Ticks/Grey Ticks, Hiding Typing and recording status in group chats and individuals.

One of the special and main features is the Anti-Ban Mod that helps to prevent you from getting banned for using a modified WhatsApp.  

New features of WhatsApp Plus 2019

whatsapp plus latest 2018 apk
WhatsApp Plus 2019
  • Privacy Mods

    You can hide your online status totally. No one will ever come to know if you use WhatsApp.
  • Anti-Ban Proof

    You are totally sage using WhatsApp Plus without the worry of getting banned.

  • Hide Last Seen/Status

    Hide typing status, recording status. You can also hide the Blue Ticks/Last Seen.
  • Themes

    WhatsApp Plus comes with 100+ themes that give a premium look.

Get More! Explore WhatsApp Plus and find new features every day!

Discover how you really feel about new things. It’s easier said than done. Instead of using it as default WhatsApp use it differently.

Explore the stylish fonts that you can download and apply to your new messaging app.

Clicked 100 new photos with your friends but limited to send only 30 images at once with WhatsApp. Now you can send more than 100 images at once to your friends or in a group. This helps you save a lot of time by remembering which photos you have sent already and which all to select.

Many more features are to be explored once you install WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition on your Android smartphone. You will love the small features that include.

WhatsApp Plus APK
Latest WhatsApp Plus
  • Hide the name and the date when copying more than one message
  • Auto Reply to Chats/Messages when you’re busy
  • The possibility of copying friends status
  • Change the app icon
  • Hide Archived Chats
  • Hide Group or Password Protect it
  • Emoji color changed
  • Contact Status and toast added
  • Change color of name and message
  • Counter statistics for groups
  • Can hide “Typing…” status in groups
  • Can hide Recording status in groups
  • Photos maintain high-quality resolution
  • Add 250 Characters in status
  • You can have maximum 256 members in a group
  • Payments (to activate ask from someone who already activated payments)

How To Install WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition

  1. Download Official Whatsapp from Play Store first
  2. Open it and then send someone message
  3. Take a backup of the chats and then uninstall Whatsapp

    Go to Settings — Chats — Backup

    Click on back up chats and wait a little while, and let the backup complete.

  4. Uninstall the Official WhatsApp from your device now
  5. Now download the WhatsApp Plus and Install it on your device
  6. It will ask for restore backup. Restore it and verify your number
  7. Now you are in WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition
  8. Enjoy!

Download WhatsApp Plus Gold Edition

Now you can download WhatsApp Plus for free from our high end hosted server without any speed cap. Yes, you can download it at a click of a button from below


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  1. Ahmad Khan says

    How to update?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      The update will come itself.

  2. Robby Smales says

    Thanks :) the download is on the next page.

  3. Malik says

    How can i download whatsapp gold

  4. manjesh says


  5. kk says

    thanks for this whatsapp plus

  6. Veer Amrit Singh says
  7. Andy Jeremiah says

    Downloadable but need updates because this version is absolute. I have downloaded whatsapp gold 3.0 but its absolute. Hope one day you will come up with an updated version, otherwise it seems like its a good work.

  8. Thulani Mveko says

    explicating…this is a great thing ever exhibited by true technocrats

  9. Thulani Mveko says

    great application

  10. ojok david says

    Please, please please I beg of you let me know as soon as possible when the new version for whatsapp gold is gona be realised..
    In my past 3 years have never used whatsapp messenger, have been relaying on gbwhatsapp ,jimods, and butman whatsapp to mention but a few.., before last year when whatsapp plus blocked me for 120hours equivalent to 5days..!
    Point of fact am a Ugandan, and to be honest am a number one whatsapp+ fun in africa to mention…! Its unfortunately that I got to know about this whatsapp pretty late due to the fact that I was in school..! Have tried downloading old 2 versions of whatsapp gold but they are all absolutely..! I even went the extent of changing the date on my phone hopping to be successful, but all in vein..!
    This is day 3 not yet on whatsapp..! But at the moment am gona download jimods whatsapp for the tym being.! My number tho is..

    At this point you can tell am a whatsapp+ die hard..
    This whatsapp gold wil have changed me alot. Due to the video size 5gb enabling me to send to my friends HD movie’s,..! Thanks and I hope to hear from you pretty soon.. God bless

  11. debzzz says

    have try to download the version but even after inviting member as it says is not responding

  12. david says

    When will it be available?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Stay with us, it will be available soon.

      1. Ishu Sharna says

        How much time bro

  13. shivu says

    I unistalled all older whatsapp but this gold whatsapp was not istalling.
    It was showing this version of whatsapp was obsolent,
    Please help to install whatsapp gold

  14. ghawyntwhatsapp says

    thank you

  15. Ap Goyal says

    have u done it??

  16. Christy says

    Please uninstAll the older version of your WhatsApp

  17. amy says

    will be really grateful if someone helps me out will really appreciate it!

  18. amy says

    help needed asap

  19. Ahsan Ali says

    Click on the option of whatsapp gold edition 5.0 technolite under the heading of Downloads.
    It will lead u to the download page where u have to click on download button.

  20. raghav says

    Yar 10 se jyada pic. Send nhi ho rhi….solve this problem sir.

  21. sachin says

    Hey I am using Golden whatsApp of version 5.5 but there is no video calling option in it can any one plz tell me how to solve the problem

  22. Aakil says

    Download 9 apps nd typ vdo cal fr watsp gld

  23. Rahul says

    Hey I am using Golden whatsApp of version 5.5 but there is no video calling option in it can any one plz tell me how to solve the problem

  24. shireen says

    I am not receiving msgs on time.

    1. Saxena says

      Switch on ur data on time😀

  25. shireen says

    i tried the latest version and mine is samsung grand 2, i could not get verification code saying that there is some problem with version plz help

  26. Aman Akhter says

    I have downloaded the whats latest version gold bt after the installing its showing …i seeee this version of WhatsApp became obsolete on march 20, 2016
    Your device date is 19 may so pls correct the device date n restrat whats app…. Tap download to get letest version.
    What i will do ….plz help @Amrit

  27. sagar says

    I have downloaded WhatsApp gold 3.0 & WhatsApp gold 5.0 and than installed but I can not open because I seeee this version of WhatsApp became obsolete on march 20, 2016 … Tap download to get letest version.

    Plzzz tell me what should I do.

  28. Rahul says

    My Phone is Samsung Galaxy Grand New Android Version 4.2.2
    When I installing Whats’up 5.0 version then its says Whats’up not Installed
    I have also try gbatsapp and it works.

    Please help me

  29. dharmvrat arya says

    They show nothing I have canvas p480 tab

  30. himu says

    I download it… and it says that its old….. and I have to update

    1. himu says

      when I undate it…. its the normal one

  31. Samarth says

    I have installed WhatsApp gold it’s working absolutely fine but 1 problem that I am facing is when my net connection is on I don’t get WhatsApp message notification till I open the app.
    I am using redmi note 3.
    I have check for all the permission given.

    1. ali says

      Tum link cya AIA cha pucha

    2. Himanshu says

      Go to security then permission and then in autostart, search WhatsApp and turn it on.

      1. Himanshu says

        I too use redmi note 3

  32. Samarth says

    Same happens with that too…
    I download it from one of the replies u gave to people

  33. Samarth says

    I download this version but after installing when I tried to verify my no. It says something is wrong with your WhatsApp version

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Download Whatsapp Gold Edition v5.5 which is latest.

      1. Rahul says

        Hey I have installed the Golden whatsApp v5.5 but it does not shows any notifications due to which I don’t understand that the message is arrived… Plz help me

  34. satish says

    Plz. Anyone help. Me what is the corect link for whats app gold application….and when time to lonch in play store??

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Latest one is this and follow the instructions –

      1. Akshay Jain says

        Brother plz help me to install this app my phone is lava iris 250 so plz plz plz plz tell me how could I install the gold version of whatsapp 😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅😅
        Plz plz brother help me😂😂😂😂😂😂

  35. vikas kumar says

    I tried it. It says whatsapp is obsolete in march 2016. What should i do?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says
      1. vikas kumar says

        I ALREADY INSTALL WHATSAPP PLUS 4.70..BUT WANT TO INSTALL WHATSAPP GOLD. IDOWNLOAD FROM YOUR SITE. BUT IT SHOWS THE ERROR THAT IS :- “I tried it. It says whatsapp is obsolete in march 2016.” What should i do?

        1. Veer Amrit Singh says

          Install Whatapp Plus (Modded) its the latest one, just download and check for the Gold theme under the themes menu.

          1. Xtremly Talented says

            im already using Whatsapp plus 4.30, the latest for now and i thought ultimate whatsapp (Whatapp Gold) would be better!
            but now u sa to go for themes?!
            i thin i wasted m time

  36. mustafa challawala says

    Nyc must download

  37. Henry says

    I tried it. It says whatsapp is obsolete in march 2016. What should i do?

      1. fuzail says

        plzzz give the latest version of may plzzz rqst this whatsapp has many feature send extra photo soo many and videos large plZ give the link of may yaa send to my email plzzz ^^^^^^^

          1. fuzail says

            i have downloaded but saying 29days for update plzz give rhe correct version updated teel bro plzzz

          2. fuzail says

            plzzz tell u r in facebook also tell in facebook u there i will send u rqst plzz give the updated version plzzz sir request plzz plzz😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

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