Lenovo Vibe P1m CyanogenMod 12.1 Lollipop Custom Rom

A long waited custom ROM is finally out for Lenovo P1m users, CyanogenMod 12.1 custom ROM is now available for Lenovo Vibe P1m smartphone users with most of the major features working and giving a very wonderful performance.

As we know CyanogenMod custom ROM is famous for its fast performance and stability with a good battery backup. The following CM 12.1 for Lenovo P1m can be installed using TWRP recovery followed by GApps and Supersu for root privileges. If this is your first time then you must follow the steps for flashing the custom ROM. There is an updated version of this ROM which has been renamed to Lineage OS based on Android Nougat 7.1.2. You may also like installing MIUI 9 custom ROM based on Android Lollipop which has a very good battery life.

DISCLAIMER: Rooting or flashing custom ROMs breaks the warranty. You are responsible for any loss.

Lenovo p1m cyanogenmod 12

About The ROM

  • Android Version: 5.1.1
  • ROM Version: v1.0
  • ROM Type: CyanogenMod
  • Author/Credits: Wizard
  • Source: 4pda
  • Size: 437 MB


  • Torch
  • Multi Window
  • Weather App Inbuilt
  • Heads Bar
  • Many More Features
  • Battery Saver

How to Install Lenovo Vibe P1m CyanogenMod

  1. Copy the CM 12.1 ROM and GApps on your SD card
  2. Reboot to custom recovery (TWRP)
  3. Clear cache, system, dalvik, data
  4. Go back and select install and select the CM 12.1 rom and slide to install
  5. Once the installation is done, reboot your device
  6. Wait for 3-5 minutes till the home screen is shown

Change Log

  • Apps to SD solved
  • Hotspot Fixed
  • LED Notification Works


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  1. odong says

    Hello, i think you miss command fastboot oem unlock

  2. Anmol says

    i re port this ROM
    camera focus
    Loop mobile Carrier to Ind Jio
    jio APN
    system root(no need super su)
    change some app
    and trying to fix VOLTE


    ANY FIX???

  4. Adrianus Anangga says

    google play service always crash.. help!

  5. Nero Danty says

    i port this rom and cam not working
    how to fix camera can’t connect ?

    1. Sarwar Hossain Himel says


    2. Sarwar Hossain Himel says

      my mtk 6580 is not connect to droid tools.but why ?

  6. Saqib Nawaz says

    Thanks for the rom! Everything works fine! JIO is working(had to set up APN first) on my second sim slot(check on both slots). But when i try to change band using MTK engineering tool it gives “com.android.phone error”. Maybe the “phone.apk” is corrupt!

  7. KUSHAL says

    can i flash it through sp tool??

  8. sowak says

    3G on SIM1 not working, only on sim2. fix files from source result in total radio crash-> reinstall rom. (CZE)

  9. Ashwani Singh says

    I am using cm 12.1 but Notification light is not working . any fix?

  10. Rahul says

    4G LTE is enabled in only SIM1. I even tried ##4636## and option to select preferred network type is disabled. Can anyone tell me how to enable 4G in both SIMs as it was in stock ROM? Also how to eneble the preferred network mode in 4636 menu

  11. shaikh says

    Motorola e3 power has the same specs as Lenovo vibe p1m ,, and moto e3 power has android 6.0 ,, can u port tat stock rom to p1m ??

  12. kira jerald jasper says

    anyone help me? my problem in my mobile data. i can play online games but i dont know why if i open the chrome i dont have an internet? even the facebook. but if i play online games using internet its working

  13. Alvino Lavieri says

    apps to sd, led, and hotspot fixed?

  14. Jude Rahul Mathew says

    My imei number is no longer numerical, it’s alphabetic . I tried the mtk Engineermode. But its not working. I tried to use the SN Write tool(pc). But I really don’t know how to use it. Does anyone have solution.

  15. Kevin says

    In Stock ROM you can choose SD card as default write, but in this ROM Internal is only Write option, so it takes that much space (from your apps and media files).

  16. Kevin says

    4G working only on SIM2 , if you want it for sim 1 flash nvram file they provided in the source of 4pda. (do it on your own risk).

  17. Kevin says

    Go to Settings -> Location -> Google Location History -> ON (and check your lenovo P1m)
    Then it will work fine

  18. rajnikantam says

    Help me !!!
    I installed this ROM. Working quite fine. But it takes almost 10 GB out of 16 GB of my internal storage. What did i miss. Please guide.

  19. adel says

    Does it contain Arabic language ??

  20. amirjohn says

    Why gps can’t show my location,help me please… Lenovo p1m already cyanogenmod 12.1

    1. K3 Fe(CN)6 says

      I do not face any problems with GPS over here…..

  21. Kushagra says

    4g is working or not

    1. K3 Fe(CN)6 says


  22. vikxmc says

    3g and 4g are not working on both sims. Any fix?

    1. K3 Fe(CN)6 says

      First SIM only 2G works. Second SIM is Auto 2G/3G (No 4G)………….No fixes yet

      1. Waqar Ahmed says

        Mine 2nd slot shows 3g for sometime and then reverts back to 2g.

        1. K3 Fe(CN)6 says

          Try gravitybox if Xposed is installed

  23. Antara Bhadra says

    Do both the sims work fine with this ROM?

    1. K3 Fe(CN)6 says

      Yes, but with sim1 you will get 2g only, in the second Sim you will get 2g and 3g (no 4g, I get 4g on my mi4i)

  24. Maneesh Singh says

    Yes hotspot is working perfectly fine, you can use shareit and other file transfers programs normally. Bluetooth is also working. When your device boot for first time with this os you will get option to change to English in one of the configuration steps.

  25. sameer says

    I install gapps on lenovo p1m arm 64 gapps 5.1 working fine

  26. sparker0i says

    Just installed this ROM Yeaterday:

    Flashed TWRP…..Stock ROM never loaded since then because of an SELinux setting. Workaround is to go to fastboot mode, go to recovery mode from there, wipe data….Then go to stock ROM…In this way both TWRP and Stock ROM are retained
    Installed CM12: Awesome. Hotspot working. LED Not working….One more bug, In Phone info (after dialing ##4636##), Network mode is set to GSM Only (and the option to change is greyed out). Workaround is to put your SIM in the SIM2 slot….You’ll get 3G for 5-10 mins (slow speed), then will go back to 2G….

  27. sparker0i says

    Bro, are you sure? Hotspot not working was the only thing preventing me……Can we create hotspot from Xender/ShareIt for file transfers?
    Is Bluetooth working?
    How did you change to English from Russian language?

  28. Prakhar Bharti says

    Battery backup?…what is the full time on battery and what is the screen on time?

  29. Maneesh Singh says

    Hotspot is fixed but Led lights are still not working for me.

  30. Siva Abhishek says

    is there going to be a cm13 for this phone?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Hope so very soon.

  31. Naveen says

    This ROM is far better than blisspop

  32. Naveen says

    Amazing work by developers

  33. Guna says

    is everything fixed now? hotspot and leds

  34. Biswanil says

    Do I need to install gapps too?

    1. sameer says


  35. cwk says

    Want miui

  36. Hardik says

    Is source code for CM ROM for lenovo vibe p1m available? Can somebody please provide links to it?

  37. Alvino Lavieri says

    I have a bug about sd card. When I want to move my apps to sd card there is “Couldn’t move app. Not enough storage space” I have 32gb. Help please!

  38. ram says

    Is there any git for kernel, device, vendor packages for vibe p1m so that we can contribute in fix bugs and recompile to achieve a much more stable version.

  39. kentchev says

    I couldn’t find leds settings in that rom – CM12.1.
    Maybe i’ll try AICP. is it stable? After unplug does it sleep or it hangs?

  40. Peter Kovacs says

    I’ve flashed it, it’s a good rom, no bugs, BUT after a while my phone stops going to deep sleep when the screen is off…. same problem like with the stock rom, i’ve tried many things without results.. Anyone a solution?

    1. kentchev says

      Same here, good rom, but battery life is worse than stock. Phone sleeps after reboot for 2-3 hours and then it stops.
      I found 2 problems:
      1. WiFi is always on. Even when I choose never to keep it on during sleep. Even when I turn off the WiFi it actually doesn’t turn off. On the BetterBatteryStats it shows it always on and keeping phone awake. I had to disable “Scanning always available” to turn it off.
      2. “leds wakelock” i don’t know what this is and I haven’t found how to stop it. I guess it is something for led notifications, but no settings for something like this.
      If anyone knows how to solve those please help.

      1. Kovács Péter says

        I’ve got a solution for the “leds.wakelock” ! You should turn off the notification led totally, somewhere in the settings you can find it i think (on AICP rom there is a setting) After that, the phone sleeps properly, but when charging it’s always awake i don’t know how to fix that.

    2. Aaditya Menon says

      Does Hotspot feature work?

      1. Peter Kovacs says

        Currently i’ve got the AICP rom, its basically the same as the CM rom, and it has got a working hotspot, but the battery life is awful to… Moreover when charging, the phone is always awake. This phone is useless with this awake problems..

  41. Aaditya Menon says

    Is the hotspot working(unlike the bug in the first build) ? And also can we change from Russian?

    1. Pascoal Soares says

      no updates about the hotspot , but the language can be definitely changed from Russian to your preferred locale

      1. Aaditya Menon says

        Please do verify that….I am pretty eager to test this build on my phone….Hotspot is really needed for me, for content sharing apps like Xender and ShareIt….Its a really important feature for me , that’s why I am asking..

        1. Pascoal Soares says

          Hotspot is not working…………… if u need hotspot then dont flash this ROM… otherwise for battery and performance its a great ROM

          1. sameer says

            Enter your comment here…working

  42. Karim Mohamed says

    guys i have bug with sim card i can’t save my contact in sim card :(

  43. Saurab007 says

    it would be nice anything from you

  44. Prag.. says

    That is for mtk6582,92..
    Is that same for mtk6735??

  45. Saurab007 says


  46. Pascoal Soares says

    There is some very good info and mods for Mediatek Processors on this site http://www.mtkroms.com/2015/11/fix-bugs-in-all-cyanogenmod-12-roms-mtk.html

  47. Prag.. says

    Yes sir..
    Bugless any rom are fine..

  48. Saurab007 says

    hey can anybody port rom from coolpad note 3 lite to lenovo vibe p1m ?.
    both have same chipset i.e. mtk6735 so we can use it

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      You want Cool UI ?

  49. Pascoal Soares says

    I tried to flash the zip for the hotspot feature but i still dont have the hotspot option on the lenovo p1m . can you guide me if you were successful ?

  50. Toyesh Patra says

    Anyone having network problems..??

  51. ngoc says

    Hi, i can’t download form could.mail.ru, we can upload from google driver??

  52. Pascoal Soares says

    got xposed framework working….ver 81

  53. prag says

    hello sir,
    try to fix fm radio plz..

  54. sandy.kyo says

    i succesfull to fix hotspot bug by installing zip file
    guyz dwld this zip file n flash ur bug will be fixed :) njoy!!!!!

  55. Pascoal Soares says

    hi.. has anyone tried to install the Xposed framework on this custom ROM ? id successful can i have the links and procedure for the same ? i had tried it on the stock ROM but was not getting installed.

  56. Saurab007 says

    You can use xinternal sd its an xposed module or link2sd for moving apps

  57. sandy.kyo says

    thanku so much for the rom but move to sd card is not working please fix

  58. Saurab007 says

    Hey can you port this Rom from below link to Lenovo vibe p1m


  59. dq says

    Turn off live display in setting to increase speed

  60. Prag says

    Using pdanet+ we can turn hotspot on/off but if we turn on the hotspot it showing the name but not connecting to any device..this one is the major bug other than that I LOVE THE ROM..

    1. sameer says

      dwld 437mb setup hotspot n FM radio is working fine

  61. Aaditya Menon says

    Is there no option to create an hotspot?

  62. Saurab007 says

    Those are the fake sites saying about the marshmallow update for p1m

  63. SAGAR says

    Dear , I flashed this ROM but there is no WifiHotspot or USB Tethering option in it.
    And I feel laggy in using , so I disabled all animation and such things so it becomes more quick.
    Some sites says Marshmallow is out for P1m but the links on that site were not working. Do u ‘ve any idea about that.

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Install pdanet+

  64. Frantisek says

    Hi, do you provide source code? Or link to Github of your project

  65. D-Sys General says

    request… MIUI :( for P1m.. i will donate

  66. Prag says

    I love the rom…but hotspot not connecting…😢😢

  67. Pascoal Soares (@pascoals) says

    have you any idea if there will be periodic updates for the same ? or one needs to flash the rom with a stable build later on when the updates are ready ?

  68. Pascoal Soares (@pascoals) says

    does not have the schedule power on off feature. when battery saver mode is toggled , the data dose not start automatically , have to reboot the phone. other than that i like the rom better than the stock rom………..i hope this unofficial mod rom will get periodic updates.

  69. Prag says

    What kind of bugs??

  70. Prajwal says

    Hotspot not connecting to any device…
    Any one facing this??

  71. Pascoal Soares (@pascoals) says


    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Yes there is a hope that it will get a marshmallow based custom rom.

  72. Asep says

    Stable ?

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Not stable. It is still unofficial.

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