Whatsapp Gold Edition 5.5 Dual Base With Extreme Mods

Welcome back Whatsapp Plus lovers, now you can use Whatsapp Gold Edition along with Whatsapp original application on your smartphone simultaneously. This edition is pretty similar to the old Whatsapp Gold Edition, but in that, you could run only one application or number.

We have used this and found that there are no advertisements or other annoying pop-ups which spoil the experience of using the modified application. There are some special features integrated such as “Disable Call,” send videos up to 30 MB, change the size of the text, new emoji from iOS 9 and Android Marshmallow. We are pretty much sure that you will love this gold edition and if you use two Whatsapp accounts on two different smartphones, then this version is going to be very handy for you. So download and install the Whatsapp Gold Edition now with extreme mods.

People are spreading rumors that WhatsApp Gold Version is a scam or it steals your information, well which application doesn’t ask for permission for this relevant information? If you do not allow WhatsApp Gold to read your contacts then how will you be able to identify the contact names? If you do not allow your camera or mic to read then how will you do video or audio call from the application?

I have been personally using the Golden WhatsApp and I have never felt it wrong and it is one of the best so far, the original WhatsApp developers are just copying things from WhatsApp Gold, GBWhatsApp people and implementing on their official app. There are plenty of new features that need to be implemented and the other developers like David, Team GB are doing it on their own and meeting our needs every other day.

You can download golden WhatsApp version from the link provided below for free and enjoy all the hidden and new features.

Features of Whatsapp Gold Edition

Name: whats app go
Package name: com.wago
Base: 2.12.437
New message send sound added
Disable voice call
Disable voice note
Attach button call button hide
Added toast if someone writes you
Now search theme from server and install it
Added option to change app icon (26 total)
Fix verification with SMS
Now change notification icon option added
Added option to change color background fab button
Added option to change color small fab button
Fix show preview trick in some driver
Added more bubble (35 total)
Some color code added
New style to plus settings
Added two styles of conversations style row (6 total)
Added more style to conversation entry (16 total)
Theme server – wallpaper fixed too
Option to search for renovation
Added new forms to change the shape of the bubble
Added new forms for form input boxes
Fixed a problem not to load the rear of the surfer
Default icon changed
Default chat wallpaper changed
Ban proof
New font style added different look
Emoji color changed
New HD icon added
New options to change color
Dark ul
Change language in app
Pics in chat
New emoji (ios 9 and Android 6)
New tricks (total 30)
Preview tricks before choose
Option to share and save themes
Added direct theme apply to GBWhatsApp
Option to delete unnecessary file (whatsapp.Log)
Read log + filter
Option to change between circle or square photo
More option to change size
Delete option to change icon because it was stopped the counter in icon
Added ringtone contact toast
Send HD photo
Change color notification circle color
Change text size
Delete recently sent emoji
Change themes like WhatsApp plus
Pics in chat
Contact Toast
Status toast
Private Mod
Contact status in conversations
Old ul
Option to set your name in main
Disable heads-up for lollipop
Dark ul
Hide date & time while copying tow messages
Make text selectable
Group message counter
Added increase video file size upload limit of 30 MB
Preview images and video
Added hide call button
Added hide attach button
Privacy settings
Zoom into image profile
Some color code fix
Select a text conversation screen
Select a text on status
Copy status
Send more than ten pictures at once
Activation via direct SMS code for no need for backup
The possibility of click on the links without storing number sender of the message or group owner
Added hide archive
The possibility of distinguishing between normal messages and broadcast messages
Two more tick style added
Attach button fix now on some device

Special Features

  • All in one WhatsApp
  • All features now added in one WhatsApp (GB, GIO, OSM, Yo, OG Features now Added)
  • Disable voice call
  • Disable voice note
  • Call button hide
  • Add toast if someone writes you

Instructions To Install Whatsapp Gold Edition

  1. First, install the original Whatsapp application from play store
  2. Chat with someone and then take a backup of the chat
    • Settings > Chats and calls > Chat Backup
  3. Now uninstall Whatsapp application from your smartphone
  4. Next, install the Whatsapp Gold app, verify your number and restore the chat back up
  5. Now if you want to use one more WhatsApp account with a different number then you have to install Whatsapp application from play store


whatsapp gold 3.0 whatsapp gold smileys whatsapp gold edition options whatsapp plus gold edtion wallpapers


We are sorry to announce you that WhatsApp Gold is now no more updated by the original developer Arnab Datta. But you can try installing GBWhatsApp which is almost the same and has more enhanced features nowadays. You can download it for free and enjoy the premium services just like WhatsApp gold version.


WhatsApp GOLD Edition v5.5 Techolite.com.apk
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  1. Sagar Mal says

    I download golden whatsapp 6.0 but say it is too old version .
    Plz sanf me lalest version of golden whatsapp

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      There is no new version of golden WhatsApp. But similar features are present in WhatsApp Plus 5.22 Latest Apk [January Edition] https://goo.gl/MlFPRd

  2. Andy says

    I am using whatsapp gold, its amazing

    1. zaid says

      How too installl…??

    2. Arjun says

      Plz sent me ur link

    3. sweety says

      Can u please send me link of WhatsApp gold

  3. rogers says

    please send me a link to download whatsapp gold

    1. suyogc says

      Can u get tht link of whatsapp gold plzz snd if u got

      1. Veer Amrit Singh says
        1. sravani says

          Hii amrit sir i cn open d link but i cnt dwnload it so plz could uu gve me a direct link so dat we cn dwnld easily plz

          1. Veer Amrit Singh says

            Click the above link.

          2. Desi Nights says
  4. nagaraja says

    installed 3.0v it.. bt it needs update.. while am updating it ol download from whatsapp server which is not update…

  5. Shrey Tyagi says

    How do I download! 😲

  6. baiju says

    How to download whathsapp glod version!. Please sent link

  7. maffs says

    help mi hw to dwnload people

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      We’ll notify you by email when the new version is available.

      1. jithu says

        Plz help me
        How to download this app sir???

  8. Jb says

    Can i have the direct whatsapgold link please. The last one i got wanted me to complete a survey before installation. I do not want that, only where i can download the app and have it on my phone. Thank you


    Please help me I want to download watsapp gold


    How can I download whatspp gold

  11. toussaint says

    were can i go to dowmload it link plsase

  12. yemighty says

    Download link please

  13. suyog chandge says

    Plz give a good link for download

  14. Thilak says

    How to download plz tell me

  15. CYRONE affull says

    How did you download the WhatsApp gold

  16. Abhishek Raj says

    Please tell me how to download

  17. RGYOGA says


  18. raghav says

    Long mszs not b send

  19. Pranay says

    Bro its saying, this works only for six days, Plz update it, Thankyou

    1. Muhamad Azizi says

      This version of whatsapp became obsolete on 3 Jun 2016. Tap ” Download ” to get the latest version…Please fix/help..thx

  20. pavankalyan says

    How to delete massages both sides on WhatsApp gold.plz tell me bro.

    1. chetan says

      whats app golda ka link beejdo yr

  21. Manish says

    hay its good but its base version is too much old so cant match with new basse version that is 2.16.89 gold base verison is 2.12.437 cant work bold n itlic fonts in this verison pl help how to upgrade gold to orignal base version .

    1. ajit says

      Have u install whatsup gold.hw u install it guide me also 2 instal it

  22. naz says

    Hey plzz help my number is nt getting verified n evn call me is nt workng out …

  23. naz says

    Hey i cnt verify my num plzz help whn call me its nt workng…

  24. mohit hans says

    It is not installing. Plz help me

  25. anuj says

    I can’t downlode it. Please help me

    1. [email protected] says

      budddy ita easy to install watch on website download opsition and get v5. 5 you try 4 to 5 time you will download

      1. [email protected] says

        im using whatsapp gold

        1. Samuel Nkhata says

          Hey how can I download whatsapp Gold

        2. Eric says

          I have WhatsApp gold but the version is obsolete what do I do next?

  26. KENNY WANGARI says

    Having issues with verufying my number on this latest version of whatsapp Gold

  27. VIKAS KUMAR says


    1. AFZAAL says

      I can,t downlod it help me

    2. AFZAAL says

      How can I download whtsapp gold version?

  28. Someone YouKnow says

    Is it possible to have both whatsapp at the same time?

  29. muhammad says

    Please somebody help me how can I download Whatsapp gold version … It isn’t downloading… When I download it, it doesn’t open.

  30. Mukul patel says

    I can’t verify my no. it continously saying download latest vesion.even i downloded the latest version but again it saying download latest version..plz frnd help me..

  31. hussainsayyed says


    1. hussainsayyed says

      My whatsapp is successfully installed thanks to veer Amrit Singh.

      1. Ajay says

        How can I download whtsapp gold version

  32. deepak says

    Yaar ye download to ho gya par phir vi bol RHA he ki download the latest one what to do pls help someone

  33. Anandhamoorthi Raja R says

    I am using the Samsung galaxy tab E this app is not installed

  34. rahul verma says

    It’s not working.i just install and it shows it’s an old version install new one.wat to do?

  35. Prajnyani acharya says

    Verify ke tym bolta h ki old virson.. Kya karoon. Plz tell me

  36. Prajnyani acharya says

    Agar whatsapp he already hamare mbl me to fir instal karke hi uninstal karna h kya

  37. ASHOK KUMAR says

    I cannot verify my number I installed whatsapp goldversion 5.5

  38. irfan says

    I m getting sms verification prblm

  39. Harry Mucchal says

    Loved it but need to be update soon. Only for 19 days. But this 19 days going to enjoy a lot. Yhis edition os too cool yaarr

  40. suresh chander noonwal says

    Pl guide me how may I download wattsapp gold edition latest version

  41. Sandy says

    Unable to access ur account at this time plz try again later …..error. What to do?

  42. Soham Arya says

    not working… I installed and uninstalled three times and did the same as you told but each time it displays an error saying ‘Problem with version, install latest version’

    Please help

  43. mohammed rizwan says

    I cannot verify my number I installed whatsapp goldversion 5.5


    Chat back up is not working in whatsapp Gold version

  45. Mudassir Siddiqui says

    Contanct me on gmail please i need this

  46. Mudassir Siddiqui says

    its saying somethings wrong with your version

  47. Mudassir Siddiqui says

    Help me bro i cant verify myself in the version please help me

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Watch the video please.

      1. Mudassir Siddiqui says

        I have watched the video but its not working help me buddy

      2. Ajay says

        How can I download this gold version

  48. deepika agarwal says

    I am unable to use dis gold version cn u pls tell me how to install

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says
  49. Piyush Tiwari says

    Thanks for this version of whatsapp but plz tell me how create my chat backup in it?
    I have tried it but it tells “unable to access your account this time,please try again later”


      Hey brother if you have solution of chat back up please tell me ********** my number

  50. Hitesh Batra says

    I restarted it many times bt its giving same error

  51. hemant says

    How can I download WhatsApp gold?

  52. Ganesh says

    How to ignore it plz tell me

  53. gautam says

    when i try to enter my number after some seconds it says message verfication failed please tell me what can i do

  54. Gautam Sharma says

    Ye work nahi karta hai bhae

  55. Hitesh Basra says

    I m getting an error (can’t verify your no download latest version)

    1. Hitesh Batra says

      I restarted whatsapp gold 5.5 mamy times bt it again gives same error (please download latest version of whatsapp)

  56. Aditya says

    Works great. Guys just ignore the download latest version message.

  57. Raghavendra says

    I have downloaded the v5.5 but during the verification of my number I’m getting like download the latest version of whatsapp gold

  58. abhisek says

    This version is not verify my number..

  59. Anana says

    How to ignore that download latest version message

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Exit the app and restart it. The message won’t come again.

      1. Luvie Arun says

        Hey, Amrit
        Yaar ye whatsapp gold 5.5 me bold italic feature kab include karoge

        1. Veer Amrit Singh says

          Use these commands.
          * star *
          _ underscore _
          ~ strikethrough ~


          1. Hitesh Basra says

            I restarted whatsapp gold 5.5 mamy times bt it again gives same error (please download latest version of whatsapp)

          2. deepika agarwal says

            how to install dis gold version..I am already using whatsapp so how can I use dis gold version?dis gold version is for first installation?

          3. Roshan says

            In this gold version we cannot type in bold/italic/strikethrough

          4. Veer Amrit Singh says

            Yes just noticed we cant. But the other person with latest whatsapp can read it in bold/italics/strikethrough.

  60. Bikram rout says

    my number is now verified by the gold version. thank u

    1. naseera sony says

      how can i verify my number

  61. Bisharat akram says

    Can you have latest version of whatsapp gold above 5,5

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      This is the latest one as of now.

    2. Bisharat akram says

      This vesrion is not verify my number it says download latest version

      1. Veer Amrit Singh says

        Just download and run it, ignore the latest version message.

        1. gautam says

          can you tell how to igrone latest version mesage please tell me

          1. Gautam Kumar says

            This version is not verify my no please help me bro urgently

        2. Gautam Sharma says

          WhatsApp gold kaam nahi karta hai lkhta hai ki latest version download kijye par latest version kaha hai plz link send kar dijye

          1. Veer Amrit Singh says

            This is the latest one so far.

        3. Mukul patel says

          Plz told me how can i ignore the latest version message..plz told me Veer bhai..

          1. Ishfaq ahmad says

            Yar veer Amrit update kab hoga ye

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