How To Install Xposed Framework On LeEco Le 2

How to install xposed framework on LeEco Le 2 and explore new features which are not present is the first question that arises in our mind and most of us are scared to flash and install xposed framework on our android devices due to the fact that it might brick our device. Now you can install xposed framework and its modules on your LeEco Le 2 very easily and very quickly by following the guide which you can read below in the instructions part.

Your LeEco Le 2 should be rooted already and TWRP custom recovery must be installed to install xposed framework application and flash it. We suggest you to take a backup of your entire rom through the TWRP recovery menu and save it on your PC/Laptop if something goes wrong while performing the xposed framework installation.

DISCLAIMER : Techolite and its authors are not responsible if you brick your device. It is your own responsibility if your device doesn’t reboots or is stuck at the booting logo. Please be advised to be careful before proceeding any further and take the backup of your personal data and contacts.

xposed framework on leeco le 2

If you don’t know what is Xposed Framework then let us give you a quick information

Xposed Framework is a process and application that helps you to modify your current android operating system by making changes to the system which requires root access and thus makes it easy without installing any custom rom. There are many different modules which can be installed inside Xposed Framework to modify the features, accessibility and functions. The major and most used modules are listed below :

Remap buttons

You can make changes and set permanent commands to the Volume Buttons to change music tracks by pressing it for 1-2 seconds, you can even fast forward or rewind the music by keeping the volume button. All you can do these are even without unlocking your smartphone.

Multi Window/Split Window

This helps you a lot if you have a large screen and LeEco Le 2 has 5.5 inch screen so this module might help you to work on two applications side by side by splitting the screen.

Add Options to the Power Menu

By pressing power button you get only the restart and power off options. But by installing this module you can add advanced reboot options like reboot to recovery, reboot to boot-loader, screenshot, airplane mode.

Disable the Unsafe Volume Warning

This module removes the warning for increasing the volume to the maximum point thus it helps you to access the volumes while the screen is locked and not unlocking the screen and allowing the warning which is displayed for increasing the volume.

Gravity Box

One of the most used modules and the reason to use Xposed Framework is the Gravity Box which has most of the modules compiled in one module that lets you skip tracks using the volume rocker buttons, advanced boot menu, CyanogenMod Pie Controls, Launcher tweaks and much more.


Greenify is an application which can be installed separately but works pretty well along with Xposed Framework as it hibernates the applications which tend to use the battery while it is not being used. It puts the device to sleep, hence it saves the battery life also when you wake up the screen you get lot of free ram which again makes the device work faster.

Zoom for Instagram

This module is very good for Instagram users who do not want to install any modded Instagram application but can use it to zoom the images while surfing the application.

YouTube Background Playback

Yes, this is a boon for users who want YouTube to be playing in the background. This module is very helpful and lets you work on any other application while your music is still playing in the background on YouTube.

How To Install Xposed Framework On LeEco Le 2


  • Your LeEco Le 2 must be rooted – Follow this guide
  • TWRP custom recovery must be installed – Follow this guide
  • Keep your device battery recharged more than 70 %
  • Take backup of your entire rom



  1. Copy Xposed Framework On LeEco Le 2 along with the other two files
  2. Goto file manager > install XposedInstaller_3.0_alpha4.apk and do not open it
  3. Reboot to TWRP custom recovery
    • Power off your device
    • Press and hold Volume Up + Power button until it shows LeEco logo, once it show just release the buttons
  4. Tap Install on TWRP main menu
  5. Select and swipe to flash
  6. Delete Dalvik/Cache from the same window on TWRP menu
  7. Reboot to system

Note : You have successfully installed Xposed Framework On LeEco Le 2, now have patience while the device boots up as it generally takes 5-8 minutes to boot successfully.

Video Tutorial

  • Shivam Sharma

    after updating to EUI 5.8 xposed frakework cannot be installed
    is there any alternative method???