Lenovo Vibe P1m CyanogenMod 14.1 Nougat Custom Rom

Lenovo users might be excited now to get the Lenovo Vibe P1m Cyanogenmod 14.1 Nougat custom ROM directly without going through Marshmallow.

Now you can upgrade your Lenovo Vibe P1m to Nougat custom ROM based on CyanogenMod 14.1. Let us give you a brief information about the ROM; the following custom ROM is built on android’s latest operating system Nougat 7.1 which has got immense popularity due to its security features and performance. The custom ROM is at a very early stage of development and is strictly mentioned by the developer that it is for testing purpose only and you should not use it as a daily driver. There might be many bugs which you can report it to the developers directly, they will try to fix them possibly, you’re requested to use this ROM only if you’re willing to participate in the testing phase.

We believe you have already tried out the previous custom ROM’s like the latest MIUI 8 also you can try other’s as well which can be found over here.

CyanogenMod 14.1 is one of the most popular and demanded custom ROM’s among all the other ROMs due to its features and stability but it is sometimes difficult for the developers to port it to a particular device, but they try to fix them and make it one of the best for its users. The developer of Lenovo Vibe P1m CyanogenMod 14.1 is z3r0c00l_2k who is a member of XDA-Developers. The ROM is basically in a beta phase as we have already mentioned above and the original thread can be found over here.

DISCLAIMER: Techolite and its authors are not responsible for any loss of data or bricked devices. It is your sole responsibility to install custom ROMS’s or root your device. Rooting or installing custom ROM’s voids the warranty of your device. Please be adviced that we do not provide any support over bugs, you must contact the original developer.

Download Lenovo Vibe P1m CyanogenMod 14.1 Nougat Custom Romcm 14 banner


1) Base – The new version of CyanogenMod is based on latest Android 7.0 Nougat OS. The features present in Android Nougat will be present in CyanogenMod with extra goodies.

2) Multi-window – CM14 will feature Multi Window support which allows users to open multiple apps simultaneously. The multi-window feature was also present on some cm13 based ROM but not officially supported, but the new version will bring the Multi-window feature to all.

3) One Handed Operation – In the era of large-screen phones, it’s hard to use the phone with one hand. One handed operation was already present in Samsung and Xiaomi Devices and user found it quite useful sometimes. It is expected to see One handed operation feature in CM14.

4) Improved UI – As we know Android 7.0 Nougat released for Nexus devices and comes with significant changes in UI. The new Android Nougat comes with improved Notification menu, quick setting and setting menu. A similar UI can be expected in the CM14.

5) Battery Management – Android Nougat comes with improved doze which improved battery life of your phone. Battery Optimisation in CM14 will improve your battery 15-20%.

6) System Tweaks and Customizations – CyanogenMod always comes with new system tweaks and customizations. New system level customizations are also expected in new version CyanogenMod.

7) New Cyanogen Browser (Gello) – CyanogenMod 14 will come with new Chromium-based browser Gello. Gello Browser has all Chrome features plus home screen bookmarks, multiple search engines, night modes, fullscreen immersive mode, and a built-in ad blocker.

lenovo vibe p1m nougat home screen

About The Rom

Android Version: 7.1 (Nougat)

ROM Version: 1.0

Type: CyanogenMod

Author/Credits: z3r0c00l_2k

Language: Multi Language

Size: 423 MB

Source: xda

How To Install Lenovo Vibe P1m CyanogenMod 14.1 (Nougat 7.1)

Things To Do Before Installing CM 14.1

  • Keep the battery charge above 70 % because the process might take some time
  • Please follow the instructions carefully else you might brick your device
  • Take an entire backup of your personal data and contacts
  • You must be on TWRP Custom recovery


  1. Copy the Custom ROM on your SD card
  2. Reboot to custom recovery (Turn off your device then press Volume Down Button + Power Button together)
  3. Clear cache, system, dalvik, data
  4. Go back and select install then select the custom ROM along with the GApps and slide to install
  5. Once the installation is done, reboot your device
  6. Wait for 3-5 minutes till the setup page is shown


  • You tell us

Screenshots (For showing how it may look)


  • Lenovo Vibe P1m CyanogenMod 14.1 – Custom ROM (Mirror)
  • Google Apps For Nougat 7.1 – GApps 7.1 ( Select any package from ARM64 under Nougat 7.1)

Also check out Lenovo Vibe P1m Lineage OS 7.1.1 Nougat Custom ROM

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  1. sayed says

    Camera flash light and speakers not working how to fix this give me suggestions

  2. Vivek Ahire says

    1) Camera not working
    2) Flashlight not working
    3) Speaker not working
    4) Charging on powered off but no charging animation showing stucks on boot logo…

    I think all these problems are causing because “software-hardware interaction” not working. Mean software not getting connected with hardware. That’s why only the things which require hardware are not working…

    Hope this would be helpful for further development of this ROM. :)

  3. Sravan says

    Does 3g and 4g works in both the Sim for Lenovo vibe p1m ?
    Does it support even while roaming?

  4. Deep Ghadiali says

    Camera not working
    Sound not working
    Flashlight not working
    Engineer mode not working

  5. rulnovekom says

    masih ragu

  6. Praveen A says

    Plz fix the camera and audio problem of cm 14.1

  7. Praveen A says

    Is it camera and audio working

  8. Arka Pal says

    Sir plzz Do this –

    1) Clear The Bugs Of This Rom
    2) Make More ROM ..
    3) Make Nougat Volte Rom for lenovo vive p1m ..

    Plzz sir plzz …

  9. Avi Singh says

    Currently I m using MIUI on my Lenovo vibe p1m

  10. Avi Singh says

    Now is there any bug
    Tell me fast

    1. yokesh says

      S. CM 14 some bugs.
      camera not working
      mtk engineering mode not working
      CM audio serivce not working

  11. Avi Singh says

    Is this file is safe to download

  12. Dustin Cliff says

    any update please ??? i want to install this good rom

  13. Frenseton says

    Update status Please ?

    1. Ajay says

      We too waiting for the news about the update..Hope it will be soon with all bugs fixed

  14. Frenseton says

    Hoping that all bugs are be fixed . 🙏

    1. sai says

      Is all bugs are fixed now?

  15. Mohammed Hashim says

    I just downloaded the ROM and the sound, camera is not working. I can’t place calls or receive calls on jio. Please fix the issue

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Calls can be placed very well. The camera and the sound aren’t working. I am not the original author of this ROM. You can contact the author on XDA and the link has been placed on the article as well which, you can check it out as well.

  16. riskyking says

    But the update coming with clearing bugs we are waiting

  17. eightnoteight says

    unable to install apps from play store

  18. eightnoteight says

    It’s amazing to test nougat, no sounds, no camera, no flash light,
    but wifi, cellular, LTE, bluetooth, work amazingly with no issues

  19. veeru says

    Sir make volte support ROM in lenovo vibe p1m

  20. Prashant A says

    1) System sound not working. Not a single bit can be heard.
    2) Stock google CAMERA not working. (ARM64 Gapps)

  21. Rohit Bhagat says

    Install MTK engineering tool it will solve your problem you can write your imei no using this app.

    1. Ajay says

      Will it solve the bugs

  22. nitin soni says

    I’ve flashed cm 14.1 and my imei number has nulled please tell me what should I do

  23. Kim says

    Did u have for lenovo vibe c?

  24. Pawan Bellamkonda says

    Flac audio is not playing camera engender mode speaker hanging videoplayer

  25. Sandeep Tech says

    How to install cm14.1 full installation:


    if you like then subscribe for more and like

    thanks to the dev of techolite
    i appreciate them for there work

  26. Meson says

    Amazing interface
    Bug: sound not work, engineering mode not working, camera
    Plus: multiscreen amazing, screen recorder settings is good

    Other : I flashed SuperSU then the device going on bootloop

  27. rohit says

    When will we get stable ROM please reply because I am youtuber and I will inform my viewer about this .

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Never ask for ETA. It is a disrespect to the developer. They work hard for free and you cannot demand or ask for it. When it will be available we will update it.

      1. nabeel says

        plz clear the bugs… it is amazing rom..

      2. SHASHIDHAR says

        no speaker sound
        \camera not open
        wallpaper select from gallery issue
        keyboard sucks in browser

      3. nabeel says

        plzz clear the bugs in this rom

  28. lud says

    I tweaked the bootscript a bit, if it shows you errors about not being able to mount just replace the bootscript inside META-INF/com/google/android/ with this one, you need to replace the updater-script file
    get a diff of both files if you don’t trust my changes.


    1. lud says

      Manually mount /system from Mount in TWRP and then use this script, the one linked in above comment is bugged http://pastebin.com/P64AX2wY

    2. Ajay says

      Will it Fix the Bugs???

      1. lud says

        Nope, No Bug fixes.

  29. Anoop says

    Guys please fix the bugs….,🙏🙏🙏

  30. anshul kumar singh says

    camera and sound is not working

  31. Abhishek Yadav says

    full review android 7.1( every good thing or bad thing) of this rom

    1. nabeel says

      what are the bugs in this rom

  32. Gaurav Thapar says

    My jio sim is not wrkng ….. Please help me out… Though the ROM is awsm… I m lvng it 😍

  33. Sarthak Harshe says

    For the People at techolite
    First of all thanks a lot for this amazing nougat rom for the lenovo p1m. I appreciate all the hard work for porting the rom..
    My only request is plz try to fix all the bugs or atleast the bugs which are necessary to fix like the camera and flashlight!

    Once these bugs are fixed
    I will make a video on it on youtube!
    I have my own channel with over 2.5k subs!
    Again thanks for this rom and i hope the bugs are fixed soon!


    1. saurab_007 says

      for bugs fixing you will need to wait for source to get , which will take time for about 2-3 months ot may be more , because they recompile the rom from start which takes lot of effort and tons of time

  34. Sahin Alam says

    What’s bugs in it????

  35. Shunmugam says

    I request to clear above bugs and this ROM will be beast of all among P1m’s other ROMS.

  36. Shunmugam says

    Bugs : 1) Camera and Flashlight totally doesn’t work at all.
    2) can’t access the SD-card files through file manager (it asks for root permission)
    3) No pre-installed super-su.
    4) Sometimes default video player in this custom rom stucks. (Even in my 2GB Ram vibe p1m)
    Pros: 1) liked the highly personalized vibe p1m custom rom (CM 14.1)
    2) Multi-window support works (Two apps at a time)
    3) Advanced settings.
    Result: 1) cause of nougat rom i downloaded it, So please give me the modified final version of this rom.
    Therefore, I finally jumped to my Resurrection Remix custom ROM Release the final version quickly…..

    1. Irakli says

      Which version of resurrection remix are you using? If it is android 6 or 7 version for Vibe P1m could you give us source for downloading please?

  37. kailash says
  38. Sahin Alam says

    When the final version come???

  39. Hima says

    from Tomáš Macák

    Flashlight doesnt work, camera doesnt work (even with other camera apps), screenshots on Techolite website doesnt match the stock Android 7.1 launcher and colors, YouTube app doesnt want to load, video playback from browser does work, but seems to struggle sometimes, speaker doesnt work, microphone doesnt seem to work, automatic brightness doesnt work.

  40. rajnikantam says

    I used it for couple of hours and found following bugs in testing. Please note.

    1) System sound not working. Not a single bit can be heard.
    2) Stock google camera not working. (ARM64 Gapps)
    3) LED notification and LED Torch are not working.
    4) Engineering mode not working message appears many times.

    Working things:
    1) Both SIM works properly. Even with 4G.
    2) Wifi and Bluetooth working properly.
    3) Google account syncs properly.

    I request to clear above bugs and this ROM will be beast of all among P1m’s other ROMS.


  41. z3r0c00l_2k says

    Those ss u given are wrong….

  42. AV Tin says


    1. rajnikantam says

      I also though its bootloop but it is not. It takes much longer than usual at boot. It also installs Gapps at background and directly shoes startup page of system. Be patient :)

      1. lud says

        how much longer would that be? 15 Mins? or more

        1. rajnikantam says

          Its around 20 min.

          1. lud says

            oh ;(, took longer than 20 mins so I gave up, Without gapps everything works fine.

          2. lud says

            Oh wait, It was SuperSU Binary being bugged, weird :3

  43. AntonNJ says

    DOAWNLOADING…..thanks a lot dev.

  44. rajnikantam says

    I was just surfing for some new ROMS and got Heart attack after watching this :P. Downloading now :D

    1. Veer Amrit Singh says

      Well, that is a superb comment so far I have seen. Enjoy! Don’t forget it is for testing purpose only.

      1. Gaurav Thapar says

        Sir .. My jio sim is not working… Please help me out

        1. eightnoteight says

          go sim settings and set the network to LTE

    2. prag says

      Tell me the bugs??

      1. Veer Amrit Singh says

        @prag see what rajnikantam says above

      2. Sohail multani says

        No sounds

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