Download GApps for Oreo 8.0 For Custom ROMs

Now download Gapps for Oreo on your newly updated Android devices with the latest Android operating system Oreo 8.0. The much awaited Android Oreo was announced in the end week of last month in August and since then Google has officially released the Android Oreo to its Android One devices and Google Pixel as well. Now you will be able to download Gapps for Oreo 8.0 with direct links and can flash it along with your Oreo based custom ROM’s on your device to have Google Services installed in the core like Google Play Services, Contacts, Dialer, Sync etc.

Google has released the source code for AOSP (Android Open Source Project) that is based on Android 8.0 Oreo. From now developers are going to update their previous ROM’s that are running on Android Nougat or Marshmallow. So if you are planning to update your current ROM to AOSP based on Android Oero then you are required to flash Gapps file as well to get the Google Services which we have already told above and you can download it from the links provided below in this article.

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Most of the custom ROM’s nowadays are not packed with Google Apps (Gapps) and they must be flashed along side manually with the help of TWRP or any other custom recovery. Custom ROM’s like Lineage OS, SlimROM, Resurrection Remix, OmniROM, Dirty Unicorn etc are ported and packed in the minimum size so that they do not use much space on their GitHub and Androidfilehost accounts.

Download Gapps For Oreo

So far there has been only one Gapps available for Android Oreo 8.0 based on AOSP ROM’s and are available both in ARM and ARM64 variants which you can download it from the below link provided. Please make sure that you are downloading and flashing the correct variant of Gapps for your device.

Download Gapps For Oreo by OpenGapps

As we have seen Gapps by OpenGapps for Nougat in our previous post that it comes in many variants such as Stock Gapps Package that have almost all the Google Apps included, Full Gapps package, Mini Gapps package, Micro Gapps Package, Pico and Nano which has a minimum or the basic Google core apps required to run the Google services. Till now they have not released the packages and we believe they are going to release it very soon.

  • Gapps For Oreo by open Gapps – Coming Soon

Download Gapps For Oreo Custom ROM’s

If you’re planning to flash Gapps for Oreo based custom ROM’s like Lineage OS, Slim ROM, Paranoid Android, Bliss ROM, MIUI etc, then you will have to wait for a while until and unless the developers release their custom Gapps. You can try the above AOSP Oreo Gapps which we have provided but make sure to ask the developer first if it is compatible or not.

How To Install Gapps For Oreo 

Step 1 – Copy the Gapps file that you have downloaded to your SD Card or if you have directly downloaded on your device then try to move it to the SD Card

Step 2 – Reboot to your TWRP or any other custom recovery which is installed on your device

Step 3 – First flash your custom ROM and then the Gapps. (If you have your custom ROM already installed then Wipe Cache/Dalvik Cache once and then flash the Gapps)

Step 4 – Reboot once it is done and wait for some time until the system boots to home screen

We will be updating the download links of OpenGapps and other developers Gapps for their respective custom ROM’s.