Know our Team

Tom Stocking
Founder & Contributor (Automobile)

The founder and Automobile news contributor at Techolite, Tom is a true inspiration for all the young aspirants, especially for those who are willing to try their luck in the field of journalism. Through this portal, Tom along with his vibrant team members wishes to enlighten the audience with the latest Technology-based news.

Sarah Odonnell
Contributor (Mobile Apps)

Sarah specializes in the field of Mobile Apps and with her impeccable talent she aims to deliver the public with astounding quality technology news. Information related to the latest mobile applications is all penned down by Sarah.

Nicole Dalton
Contributor (Games)

Another outstanding member of the team is Nicole. With her crazy humor and the aura to mold every situation into light-hearted moments, she works effectively at Techolite on news topics related to Games. She makes sure to deliver the audience with News that is substantial yet brief.

Tracey Lodge
Contributor (Virtual Reality)

Tracey is a woman with a vision for serving her readers with information in the form of News without adding any unwanted stuff to it. With her impeccable dedication and immense talent as a tech journalist, she plays a crucial role in compiling the Virtual Reality related news at Techolite.  

Greg Watkins
Contributor (Smartphones)

Online journalism and the expanse of the digital platform is what intrigued Greg to move towards the development of content over the internet platform. As a technology buff, he loves to read and write about the latest advancements in the field of technology, especially about the latest smartphones.